You may have heard the story about the guy, who is totally 100% determined to give up alcohol. He decides there and then, tomorrow is the day; tomorrow I will give up drinking for good! To help with this process he finds a large piece of paper and writes in large bold letters:


‘Tomorrow I will quit alcohol forever’


Before he goes to bed he pins the message on the bedside wall, safe in the knowledge that on waking he will instantly be reminded of the promise he has made himself. That night he sleeps like a baby. On waking the first thing he notices is the sign, great he thinks, and proceeds to read aloud the message:


‘Tomorrow I will quit alcohol forever’

Why wait, why put things off until tomorrow? DON’T wait for a tomorrow that never comes. There will always be that night out, holiday, birthday, wedding or [fill in blank] looming. There is never a perfect time to start.

So start now, sign up pick a start date and enjoy the ride. It might just positively change your life forever.

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