How much does it cost to join OYNB?

If you head over to you can see all of the options and costs for the challenges. From there, you can book straight onto one and set your start date.

The beauty of signing up to OYNB is that you have the flexibility to choose which plan to go for and you can switch, upgrade or extend at any point in your journey.

How do the challenges work?

Our challenges are designed to help people change their relationship with alcohol by shifting mindsets…at the heart of it is understanding that you do NOT need alcohol to function and have a good time, and we guide you in creating new and lasting healthy habits. If you sign up to the 28, 90 or 365-day challenges then you get daily emails and video support that provide you with tips, tricks and advice on going alcohol-free, along with access to our awesome community.
At OYNB we use our own system called MEND, which stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition and Do. These are the four pillars around which our entire programme is based as we’ve found this holistic approach to give the best and most lasting results.

For more ‘immersive’ coaching, our Mastermind (six weeks) and Alcohol-Free Me (monthly) programmes are weekly closed-group live online hangouts that delve deeper into the four aspects of our MEND system.  For more information on these please contact [email protected]

At what point is payment taken for my challenge?

You pay a one-off up-front payment for our 28, 90 and 365-Day AF Challenges. You will later have the option to extend/upgrade your challenge for a one-off payment, more details will be emailed to you once your challenge is underway. 

For Alcohol-Free Me, your membership is a monthly recurring subscription which will be debited from your account every month on the date that you initially signed up to this course. 

I don’t live in the UK, how much will it cost me?

The cost of the challenge in your currency will depend on the exchange rate your bank is using at the time of the transaction.

If you would like an indication of what this will be you can check using

Can I sign up now and start my challenge later?

Of course you can.

When you sign up, you will be asked what start date you’d like to set and this can be whatever you’d like it to be.

You say that OYNB is the leading habit-change programme, how can you prove that?

In June 2016 we conducted a survey with the help of Stirling University in Scotland and they polled our 90-day challengers, and we continue to collect responses to the survey to ensure our data is always reflective of the current membership.

An overwhelming 95% of respondents said that they had changed their relationship with alcohol regardless of whether they achieved 90 days or not.

I don’t really want people to know that I’m on this challenge…

When you start this challenge you are given access to the community and it’s completely up to you how involved you want to get.  What we do know from feedback from challengers all over the world is that the support and motivation from our unique online community is what helps everyone to survive, and thrive, on this programme. You can take it all at your own pace, dip in and out of the community,, listen and take on board what others are going through and you never know, you may want to contribute to the conversation if or when you feel ready.

The Facebook group is a closed group so only OYNB members can see your activity and our Slack community can provide a completely anonymous environment.

Can I have alcohol-free/low-alcohol drinks on the challenge?

If it’s alcohol-free then it’s all good. And we’ll even let you push the boat out to low-alcohol (0.5% or less) drinks, but no more than that. Oh, and cooking with alcohol is totally fine too…just take it easy on the measures!

What happens if I have a drink, does the challenge stop or can I still carry on?

While we obviously don’t encourage regular slip-ups, we’re all human so these things happen.

We’re here to support, not judge, so if it happens, don’t beat yourself up about it, just reset and carry on!

What if I decide that OYNB isn’t for me, can I cancel my membership?

As per the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2013), if you should decide that you no longer wish to continue with your OYNB service, you are eligible for a full refund if you express your wish to cancel your membership within 14 days from your initial purchase date.

If you do decide that OYNB is not for you, please get in touch with our customer support team at [email protected] or via the live chat icon in the bottom right corner of the website. 


Should I get medical advice?

It is always recommended that you seek medical advice prior to making lifestyle changes.

If you are concerned in any way once you have begun your alcohol-free journey about any side effects you are experiencing then please do seek medical assistance.

I can't seem to log in with my details to the members’ area.

You can click the forgot your password link to receive a password reminder.

If your login details will still not work, please send us an email to [email protected] so we can check your account details for you.

If I sign up to the 28-day challenge can I then upgrade to the 90 or 365-day challenge?

You can indeed.

This is what you need to do – As you come to the end of your 28 or 90 day challenge you will receive information on how you can go about upgrading to the next stage.

If you decide before then that you would like to take your challenge to the next stage you can send us an email to [email protected]

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