“One Year, No Beer”

One Year No Beer is a challenge wrapped around a social platform for people who want a way to live better.

The challenge is to go against the social norm and give up alcohol for 30/90 days and focus on diet, exercise and the mind and then you decide if you want to take on the 365 challenge. A bit like a half marathon meets a marathon.

We give you tons of inspiration, tips, tricks and hacks to focus your life on a healthier way to live.

Sign up, read the book, pick your start date, get the daily support, join the community and contribute your own inspiration.

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“One Year No Beer Book”

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“Reading the book, gave me the inspiration and confidence I needed to signup and take the challenge. Without sounding overdramatic it’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now fitter in both body and mind, healthier, a little wealthier and my energy levels are through the roof. All from one simple change.” – Mark

“You would be mad not to try the OneYearNoBeer challenge. Life changing” – Paul

That’s what we hear a lot. A book that kick starts change. Real change.


We know if you commit to 30 or 90 days booze free, focus on a whole bunch of new healthy

habits, meet healthy people and do healthy things, you could change your relationship

with alcohol forever.

This isn’t about being a social hermit, its about swapping old bad habits with

cool funky new ones.

Very simple, no drama.


Want to know why

stopping drinking doesn’t

take will power? Just read

the book – change your



Done the prep work?

Now decide when your

30/90 days will start – don’t

worry there is never a

perfect time – get stuck in!


Sober dating? How to tell;

your drinking buddy?

What to drink on Friday

night after work? We’ve

got it covered.


A thriving community who

all want alternative ways

to live better. Be inspired

and inspire others!

OYNB will give you:
Skills to get your mind fit
OYNB will help you:
Get active from day one
OYNB will show you:
Ideas to nourish mind/body
OYNB’s unique blend of MIND, BODY and FOOD will help you create the ultimate healthy life.

It’s all about people

Join our thriving community of people just like you. Learn from your fellow members experiences.

Keep up with the latest tips, tricks and hacks to help you with your challenge.

Share your ideas , give back, and inspire others just like you.


OYNB is starting to help transform people’s lives. Here are some stories how…