One Year No Beer Editorial Policy


Welcome to One Year No Beer! Our Editorial Policy is designed to outline the rules and guidelines for submitting and publishing content on our website. We are committed to providing valuable, accurate, and supportive information to our audience. This policy aims to maintain the highest editorial standards and enhance trust and credibility with our readers.


Content Submission Guidelines

1. Relevance to Our Mission

The submitted content should align with the mission of One Year No Beer, which is to promote positive lifestyle changes by encouraging individuals to reduce their alcohol consumption. We prioritize articles, stories, and resources that inspire and support our community on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


2. Authenticity and Personal Narratives

We value authentic stories and personal narratives that resonate with our audience. Contributors are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in a genuine and relatable manner.


3. Evidence-Based Information

All content submitted for publication should be evidence-based and supported by reliable sources. We aim to provide accurate information to our audience, and contributors are expected to verify information and cite relevant sources where applicable.


4. Respectful Tone and Language

We maintain a positive and respectful tone in all our content. Contributors are encouraged to use language that is inclusive, non-judgmental, and supportive. We do not endorse content that may be offensive or disrespectful.


5. No Promotional Content

Contributors should avoid submitting content that is overly promotional or advertorial in nature. While we appreciate partnerships and collaborations, our editorial content should focus on providing value to our audience rather than promoting specific products or services.


Editorial Review Process

1. Quality Assessment

All submitted content undergoes a thorough quality assessment to ensure it meets our editorial standards. This includes a review of relevance, authenticity, and adherence to our guidelines.


2. Editing and Formatting

Our editorial team may edit content for grammar, style, and formatting to ensure consistency with our website's standards. Contributors will be notified of any substantial changes made during the editing process.


3. Publication Decision

The decision to publish content rests with our editorial team. We reserve the right to decline publication or request revisions if the content does not meet our standards.


Attribution and Recognition

Contributors will be appropriately credited for their work. By submitting content to One Year No Beer, contributors grant us the right to publish and distribute the content on our platform.


How to Submit Content

If you are interested in contributing content to One Year No Beer, please review our Content Submission Guidelines and contact our editorial team at [email protected] for further instructions.


Feedback and Corrections

We welcome feedback from our audience. If you identify errors or inaccuracies in our content, please contact our editorial team at [email protected].


Review and Updates

This Editorial Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued effectiveness. Updates will be communicated to contributors and the public.


Effective Date

This Editorial Policy is effective as of 20th December 2023.


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