September is like another ‘New Year’ in the calendar isn’t it – and the perfect time to go alcohol-free. Kids are heading ‘back to school’ and we all get our daily routines back.  In business everyone is refreshed and focused after the summer holiday season.  Summer evenings fade to the darker autumn nights, and the pulse of change is everywhere.

Alcohol-Free – Don't Wait For January 

In September you’re naturally feeling ready for change, and your clarity and focus is buzzing, so harness this natural state of affairs and create some positive change.  It’s another opportunity to redesign your life.

You’re here, reading this, so putting alcohol in it’s place is clearly one area you’re thinking about.
OK then, we have September, October, November and much of December before Christmas hits.

Imagine this…
Imagine being at the Christmas party looking 10 years younger, smiling so hard your face is nearly all teeth and having people WOW at how good you look.  

The fact is:
Going alcohol-free is better than botox
Going alcohol-free sorts the beer belly
Going alcohol-free gives you time and energy to …hit the gym, yoga, go running, go swimming, play golf, hit the tennis courts, ride the roads…

Whatever turns you on – suddenly you’ll have space to do it.  

That’s headspace (you’re in the right mindset) and time (hours lost to beers on the sofa are history) are now yours – to do the things you’ve been dreaming of.

Going Alcohol-Free is Easy

Yes you read that right!  At OYNB we do it all with mindset change.
So you don’t fight it with willpower.  You just don’t fight it.

That’s right.  In your mind maybe you’ve imagined going alcohol-free is a big deal –  a huge sacrifice and so hard.  The reality is different with OYNB.  Because we get in your head and make you see you’re not giving up anything going alcohol-free … it’s all gain.

This could be you if you take a Challenge

Knuckle down with us and take the 90-day challenge between now and Christmas and you could become the person you want to be.  You know, the alcohol-free one who looks good, is less tired, is happier around the kids, less spiky with loved ones, more productive at work, and who is working towards goals in life, not just working the treadmill to then come home and crash on the sofa with a beer or vino.  

Come on!  You’re better than that.
There’s more to life than that.
You know it and you want it.  It’s just hard starting.

Or this…

If a smaller goal helps you commit to yourself in September, then try the OYNB 28 day challenge to support your alcohol-free journey.  Many OYNBers start on the 28-day challenge and share about the amazing changes they experience in the first few days.  You don’t have to wait weeks for your life to change beyond measure.

Here is what a few have said about going alcohol-free:

DAY 30!  ! I am a little in shock! And am very smug this morning! OYNB concept, team and community are really the reason! Then the icing on the cake to break my placebo dependency (AF Beer) was (Audio booking listened to) The Naked Mind – it was the final little piece I needed to make this now a pleasurable experience. I was mourning alcohol and feeling life would be boring without it! I don't feel like that anymore! It's important to say – Social non-drinking is easy for me, my problem was ‘wine at home to relax' – more support and tips for us types please, because I believe for anyone over 40, it's the wine on tap at home the is the real issue. Onwards to 90 days alcohol-free and beyond!! THANK YOU Andy Ramage you absolute legend!


I knew I needed to go alcohol-free out and see and taste life without it. Self help books and websites followed, but nothing really resonated with me. Then one day I found the OYNB link and watched a webinar one evening with a beer in hand. This is it I thought, what great way to really break free. Give it a go – why not I thought?I signed up for 90 days, and I'm 31 days in. I'm buzzing with the positive effects of being alcohol-free, and the cloud has begun to lift.


About 2 months ago I was feeling pretty down with myself. I was miserable, I had no time, hated my job, I was tired, I had no enthusiasm or energy for life. I needed a holiday.  I have been alcohol-free for 5 weeks now, I'm much happier, I'm sleeping better which means I have more time, the job doesn't seem as bad now, I've got things I want to do and I have the energy to do it. I realise it wasn't time out from life, that I needed, but time away from the things that distract me from the things that make me happy – for me that is living alcohol-free. I'm 5 days away from going on that much needed holiday but I can honestly say that because I've gone alcohol free I don't really need the holiday now. For the record I am still going and I will enjoy it alcohol-free.

So you’ve heard it from the OYNBers themselves.  Going alcohol-free is changing their entire life.
Is it time for you to do the same…?



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