Saturday – almost noon, and you’re alone in bed with a banging headache. Your eyes burn, your stomach lurches… and your breath…

Dear Lord, your breath!

Still, it was a good week at work, and you deserved a couple of beers with the crew, didn’t you?

Time to wind down, catch up on the goss and maybe have a bit of a giggle about that weirdo Tim from Accounts…

You know – the one who never comes out for Friday drinks and has a fondness for J2O at lunch.

What’s his problem?

But a couple of beers turned into three. Then four. Then someone suggested cocktails and it all went downhill from there.

Now the kids are jumping on your head, trying to get you up for that trip you promised them…

And your partner isn’t happy about the half-eaten kebab you left stinking out the living room.

Yet all you can think to yourself, as you rub your face and pray for quiet is: “I’ve done it again.”


If any of that sounds familiar, you should know first of all this behaviour is not your fault. Years of psychological conditioning have set you up… to slip up. And there’s a simple explanation for that.

Alcohol is entrenched in the very fabric of who we are and what we do – and over time your brain has built specific neural pathways that all end up in one particular place when you think about relaxation and fun.

That place is (you guessed it)…

That’s how our society has trained you – from a very young age.

But that doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic, or even a devoted binge-drinker. Far from it.

It can be as innocent as the couple of beers you relax with during the week, or the glass of wine that helps you unwind after a hard day’s work.

Or even the snap decision to grab the alcohol menu when sitting down for dinner at the restaurant.

Because right now you probably didn’t even think about going straight to that wine list, or about ordering that beer as soon as the barman asked what you wanted.

It’s a reflex, not a choice. And when people don’t follow this habit they stand out like a sore thumb.

Like Tim does… and like you probably did when you tried to get through Dry January in the past.

Breaking this neural link and enjoying absolute control in your life and decisions can be an exhausting process… unless you do it with the proven methods behind One Year No Beer.


For now, let’s go back to Tim and our Saturday morning scenario. Just for a minute.

Because while you’re shambling out of bed, arguing with yourself over whether you’re actually going to take the kids out like you promised, or if it would be safer if you stayed near a bathroom for the better part of the day…

Tim got up 4 hours ago. He’s had a cracking breakfast, spent some “me” time on his hobbies and is now out and about, enjoying the day with his family.

While you’re stomping around, short-tempered, feeling drained and looking to find somewhere the kids can play and you can treat your condition with hair of the dog…

Tim and his wife are prepping a wholesome dinner for the family. Later, he’ll work out and then enjoy some sofa time while planning their next holiday (they’re thinking of going hiking in France).

And while you’re flopping into bed after setting yourself right with a few more drinks, ready to do the same thing all over again tomorrow and wonder where your weekend went… why you can never seem to get anything done outside the workplace…

Tim’s getting a full restful sleep – and is planned and ready to start ramping up progress on his side business tomorrow morning.

He’s a right old boring flake, isn’t he?

Or do you think it sounds like he’s got the better deal, here?

Designed to help you put alcohol in its place, feel better than ever and discover your hidden potential, OYNB is your ticket to your best year yet!


Looking at Tim’s example, you’ve got a pretty good idea of just how wide-reaching the effects of alcohol can be in your life.

One night of restless sleep leads to a groggy morning… to an irritated outburst… to a bad mood… to an unproductive workday… to a stressed evening – and on and on and on, like a domino effect.

And all it takes is one single drink to set those wheels in motion. That’s why you don’t even need to be what you’d call a “problem drinker” for alcohol to be quietly smothering your dreams, right under your nose.

It doesn’t take long for OYNB members all over the world to realise this. In fact, we’re inundated every day with reports of amazing benefits discovered by going completely alcohol-free instead of just cutting down a bit.

And when the benefits of your own alcohol-free period come to fruition, you’ll see just how little you actually “gave up” – yet you gained everything in return.

That’s the truth of taking an alcohol-free challenge.

If you are concerned you might be experiencing alcohol withdrawal or have physical symptoms you are unsure of then please contact your local GP or click here to find services in your local area.

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Rise to the Challenge

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