We all have the power to spark a chain reaction of positivity, kindness and compassion whether it be with something small, or a big gesture.

This time of year, for many people across the globe, signifies an opportunity to come together, spend time with loved ones (whether it is virtual, or in person!), and evaluate the important aspects of our lives ahead of starting another brand new year. It is the season of gift-giving, feasting on glorious meals and doing all things holly and golly to get us into the holiday spirit. 

With that in mind, it is important to remember how fortunate we are to be able to celebrate in this way and to consider how we could have a positive influence on the experiences of others during these festive weeks. And you never know, one small act of kindness you do for another may just spark an idea for them to do for someone else, and so on until you have had a far-reaching, impact as the chain on kindness continues. 

Some ideas for showing kindness and compassion:

  • Send a holiday card
  • Smile!
  • Be patient
  • Volunteer in your neighbourhood
  • Pay it forward
  • Give a gift

Send a holiday card

To some, this suggestion may sound fairly insignificant – but we don’t just mean sending cards to those you’d usually include in your holiday card lists. Consider who else in your life might be happily surprised by this gesture; a neighbour, a colleague or maybe someone who works in a business you use regularly. Writing a thoughtful card only takes seconds to do, but could live on the recipients’ shelf over the holidays as a reminder of your appreciation. The less someone may expect a card from you, the more they are likely to be delighted by you thinking of them!


As someone who has a resting face like thunder, this isn’t always the easiest – although it sounds like it should be! However, smiling can make all the difference in setting the tone for yours, and everyone you come into contact with’s day. Imagine walking down the street, and every person you pass smiles at you – that happy feeling is contagious! Not only does it allow you to pass on the cheery holiday vibes to those around you, but it is quick to act on your own mindset too. 

Be patient

It seems these days we are all so busy, always rushing to the next task we need to complete or desperate to find the shortest route to get home after a long and tiring day. But realistically, allowing someone the 15 seconds to cross the road as you warmly wave them over, or offering someone with a heavy shopping basket to go ahead of you in the queue in the supermarket is not going to make a world of difference in your schedule – but it could be the friendly gesture that makes all the difference to the receiver. All it takes is to observe your surroundings and be mindful of how your actions impact others you come into contact with.

Volunteer in your local area

volunteering This suggestion may require a little research in order to find out what (socially distanced!) opportunities there are to volunteer in your local community, however, there is no doubt a number of organisations nearby where you live where you could offer a helping hand – for example, mobile soup kitchens who provide a hot meal for the homeless or charity shops in need of some assistance during busier hours. You don’t even necessarily have to commit to anything formal – you could just take a plastic bag out with you when you’re on your walks about in your local area and collect any rubbish and litter that is lying around, disposing of it in a more eco-friendly way. 

Pay it forwards

While there are many ways in which you can show kindness and compassion that costs you absolutely nothing, if you are in a position to share the love financially too, then there are a number of ways in which you can make a difference. For example, donating to local charities or organisations that rely on public donations to continue running vital support to those less fortunate, or choosing to purchase from small independent businesses when doing your weekly shop. 

Again, you may need to do your research into the organisations who offer this in your area but some organisations will offer you the opportunity to ‘pay it forwards’, where you can pay the price for a good or service that can then be given to someone who can’t afford to purchase it themselves. Even if the organisation doesn’t have an official process for this in place, you likely can still agree on some kind of arrangement to allow you to pay for someone else’s goods or services, for example, it could be as simple as paying the cost of an average coffee so that the person behind you in the queue gets a free one. A small gesture that could have a huge impact on the kind of day someone else is having!

Give a gift

As fun and exciting as receiving gifts is at this time of year, I am sure we can all agree it is equally rewarding to come up with the most thoughtful and best-suited gift ideas for those you care for. If you close your eyes and think deeply about what could truly be the best gift you could receive from a friend or loved one, it might look a little like this, right?

  • To be happier
  • Healthier
  • Even wealthier!

Well, this is exactly what we hope to achieve by offering the opportunity for you to gift your friends and loved ones an alcohol-free challenge. If you have already taken an alcohol-free challenge, then you know the transformational impact it can have on almost every aspect of your life  – what could be a better present to give another person?! 

The possibilities for what your loved one can achieve once they get started on this journey are endless, be the one to give back and make this change for them this Christmas!

Go forth, spread some OYNB kindness

One of the wonderful things about not being clouded by the haze of alcohol or a hangover is that we have more mental capacity and clarity to consider the needs of others more often. Let’s capitalise on this energy, inject a little generosity and spread some OYNB holiday cheer.

Those were a few of our suggestions for ways in which you can show a little kindness and compassion this year, but don’t stop there! The more imaginative and thoughtful the gesture, the more thrilling and gratefully received it may be. Get your thinking caps on and together, let’s start sparking those positive chain reactions of kindness and compassion and make this the best festive season yet.


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