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One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 055 – What Coaches Need to Know with Ajit Nawalkha

Things are happening at One Year No Beer HQ. Before introducing today’s guest, Ruari has an update about some recent fundraising activities and about some of the changes and growth coming to ONYB. Keep an eye out for some new and exciting things coming in 2019. And now that the holiday season is underway, new listeners to ONYB may want to go back and look at older podcasts from around this type of year for tips, tricks, and advice to help you handle alcohol-free Christmas and holiday parties and ways to have a fun and festive season without alcohol.

Today’s guest is Ajit Nawalkha. Ajit is a speaker, coach, author, and entrepreneur who co-founded Mindvalley Teach and the Global Grit Institute. In today’s discussion, Ajit describes his background growing up in Jaipur in a household of 23 people. Ajit talks about how he began joining organizations that promised opportunities for growth and learning and began to interact with international communities. Ajit started a social network in India before Facebook was available in India, and he talks about what that experience was like.

“What has happened in the modern times is we have become so obsessed with creating a living that we have forgotten to live a life.”

Ajit talks about his book, The Book of Coaching. He explains how he noticed that coaches who could be very helpful to other people were often left behind themselves, especially financially. Ajit wanted to find a way to change that. He discovered that while there was a lot of talk about education for coaches, there was a lack of powerful conduct that focused on fundamentals aimed at coaches.

Ajit says that there are three things that coaches need to know. The first is that they have to work on themselves constantly because all business is personal. The second is that they need to have a solid methodology. The third is that coaching is not something you do freelance. It’s a business and should be treated like one. These ideas were what formed the basis of his book for coaches.

Ajit also talks about Mindvalley, the educational platform that he helped create that offers a new and different way to access education. He also talks about Evercoach, a platform for coaches that allows them to connect with each other and with experts and entrepreneurs to learn about business and make changes in their own business models. Finally, Ajit talks about his newest book, Live Big. Live Big discusses 3 elements that Ajit believes can help entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts to expand their businesses, increase their profits, and do good in the world. Listen to the episode to hear more about Ajit’s businesses, books, and personal story.


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