As you get older, you see everyone around you begin to drink. This social acceptance can be so strong that you often begin to drink yourself, even though you know it isn’t great for your health.

Especially if you’re drinking frequently (for example, more than once a week) and consuming over the recommended daily limit each time, this can begin to eat away at your long-term health, or even short-term health in some cases.

However, many people get the urge to stop drinking. Whether this is because someone you know is going sober for the month or someone you look up to doesn’t drink anymore, that little boost of motivation can spark a period of time where you don’t drink alcohol.

With huge benefits such as improved mood, improved sleep, and just general feelings of better well-being, it is a huge consideration to begin being more responsible with your drinking. Today’s article will cover 15 celebrities who don’t drink, so you can get an idea of what it takes, why they don't, and hopefully inspire you to go on this journey yourself.


1: Tyler, the Creator

One of the most well-known rappers and celebrities in recent times, due to his free-flowing music and likeable personality, Tyler, the Creator, in an interview with Fantastic Man Magazine, told them, “I just don’t want to drink. I know that I don’t want to be that drunk guy.” He also went on to say “I’ve never seen anyone drunk, like, damn, I want to be that.”


2: Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has received some of the most prestigious awards as an actor and filmmaker, and this American actor also doesn’t drink. He felt as though, if he carried on drinking alcohol, he was going to “sabotage my whole life” and has now been sober for 19 years, since the age of 29.


3: Brad Pitt

One of the most famous actors in the world, Brad Pitt, has now fully committed to being sober and now has years of sobriety under his belt after his divorce from actress Angelina Jolie in 2016. He told GQ style, “I didn’t want to live that way anymore” and has now been sticking to it ever since.


4: Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, the American model and television personality, was inspired by the book ‘Quit Like a Woman’ written by Holly Whittaker – and has now been alcohol-free for over a year. She mentioned that she stopped drinking because it “got embarrassing” each time she did so and is now enjoying her alcohol-free lifestyle.


5: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, known for her stunning vocals, had previously struggled with alcohol and drugs in her teenage years but is now on the straight and narrow after being “a big drinker at the time”. She mentioned that she used to “drink every day” and would “drink alone” but then, as soon as she left school, she joined a programme for those addicted to drugs and alcohol, and hasn’t looked back since.


6: Blake Lively

Blake Lively, the Gossip Girl actress, has never indulged in alcohol and claims to have never tried a drug. She told Allure in 2012 that “it's just something that I genuinely don’t have a desire for” although she loves being a part of the social aspect of it, which she stated to ahead of Christmas 2021.


7: Eminem

One of the most decorated rappers of all time, Eminem was on the brink of an overdose in 2007, but now he is celebrating his recent 13 years of sobriety. Since his near-fatal drug overdose, he has now opened up about his troubles and has become one of the most polarising figures in all of music.


8: Naomi Campbell

This well-known English model recently opened up to Vogue about her struggles in the early 2000s with alcohol, and since she was drinking too much, she took back control of her relationship with alcohol in order to live a better life. She is now an advocate for helping others with their problems and encouraging people to speak up about their issues.


9: Jada Pinkett Smith

American actress and talk show host Jada Pinkett Smith used to drink two bottles of wine while lying on her couch every night until it got to the point where she knew something was wrong. She decided to seek recovery, is now over 20 years sober, and will continue to stay sober so she can deal with tribulations in her life upfront rather than moving to substance abuse.


10: Lily Allen

Famous for her incredible singing voice, Lily Allen has also been refreshingly open about her struggles with alcohol and dealing with her addiction battles. She joined her husband in sobriety and has now been sober for four years.


11: Zac Efron

The incredibly famous actor, Zac Efron is known for keeping his mind, body, and soul healthy at all times as he chose a life without alcohol. Playing huge roles that require him to look at his best, he is extremely structured in life and understands that “you get out of life what you put in”.


12: Tom Holland

This new and polarising British actor has recently taken the film scene by storm but recently opened up on a podcast called On Purpose with Jay Shetty about his struggles with alcohol and how he needed to get sober. Since then, he revealed to Entertainment Weekly in May 2023 that he has been alcohol-free for 16 months.


13: Kristin Davis

A popular actress and Sex and the City star, Kristin Davis got rid of alcohol in her early 20s as she felt it would interfere with her ambitions to become an actress, and the rest is history. She explained that it was “enough of a problem” in her 20s and decided to ditch it to focus on her life goals.


14: Daniel Radcliffe

Best known for his stardom in the films Harry Potter, Daniel struggled with alcohol for a while but decided to ditch it after the filming of the Harry Potter franchise. He now states that he “barely thinks about it” which has led him to live a more meaningful life since.


15: Andy Murray

The British tennis player says he easily gave up drinking alcohol in his late teenage years, explaining “I always wanted to see how far I could go in the sport. I didn't want to do anything to jeopardise that.”

If you want to follow in the footsteps of some of your favourite celebrities, we’ve put together a challenge to regain control of your alcohol use and would love to have you on board to succeed like many of our wonderful customers are already doing. Take part by clicking the button below, we can’t wait to see you inside!


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