The Right Path of Action | OYNB Podcast 060

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 060 – The Right Path of Action with Kitty Waters

Giving up alcohol and other substances can help clear your mind and allow you to see things that you couldn’t see before. But once that’s accomplished, what do you do? What are your gifts? What’s your purpose? Today’s guest knows something about how you can find out.

Kitty Waters spent years working in the city in a recruitment business, and while she may have looked successful during that time, she wasn’t happy. Kitty had a nervous breakdown at 22, precipitated by an affair, and while she sought help, she didn’t really make the kinds of changes that would lead to long-term happiness. Instead, she masked her feelings with binge-drinking and cocaine use. Her wakeup call wouldn’t come until she reached the age of 28, when she discovered a family history of depression amidst her mother’s depressive crisis and suicide attempt.

“I kind of covered up my pain and my chronic depression with drug and alcohol problems.”

In an effort to give up the drinking and drugs, Kitty seized on a challenge. She joined a personal development group and decided to participate in group trip to Kilimanjaro. Training to climb a mountain replaced alcohol and drugs.

It was on the mountain that Kitty became inspired to begin her own organization. Kitty’s 8-week online course, Do Your Dharma, is based around the concept of dharma from Vedic texts, where dharma means the right path of action for the individual and for humanity at the same time.

Kitty explains that her course is meant to help people reconnect to their true selves, discover their purpose in life, and create a vision for what their life is going to be going forward. She explains that in the philosophy of dharma, each person is unique, and it’s each individual’s job to discover their own passions. Listen to the episode to hear more about Kitty’s story and her organization.


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