The Importance of Authenticity | OYNB Podcast 054

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 054 – The Importance of Authenticity with Emma Mainoo

Weekends can be tough. For people who struggle with their habits around alcohol consumption, weekends can be especially difficult because of the way they feel after drinking too much on Friday or Saturday nights. Today’s guest understands what it’s like to struggle with Sundays. Emma Mainoo is the founder of the mental health platform Surviving Sundays. The platform came about because of Emma’s own struggle with her mental health. She notes that Sundays were usually her hardest days.

In today’s episode, Emma talks about her experiences, and about the importance of being authentic and truthful with yourself and others. We discuss the comfort available in sharing stories with others, and how encouraging it can be to learn that others have similar stories and experiences.

“In my case, I was for years, hiding the fact that I wasn’t quite OK. I wasn’t being authentic and that in itself, whatever you’re hiding from will come and get you in the end, in one way or another, I believe.”

Emma also discusses her own relationship with alcohol. She shares that she plans on starting an alcohol-free challenge in the new year, and talks about the difficulty of deciding whether to start with a 28-day challenge or a 90-day challenge. She also talks about her previous alcohol-free experiences. Emma says that when she posts about alcohol on her site or on Instagram, those posts get the most interactions in terms of likes, comments, and DMs, but that it’s also common to lose followers over posts about alcohol. This shows what a sensitive and important subject it can be. Listen to the episode to hear more about Emma and Surviving Sundays.


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