Taking Responsibility | OYNB Podcast 051

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 051 – Taking Responsibility with Gareth Davies

When things go wrong, it can be easy to turn to alcohol and use it as a crutch, especially when you’re involved in a culture that encourages and promotes drinking as a way to have fun, relax, or cope with problems. Today’s guest is a One Year No Beer member who understands what it’s like to come from a drinking culture, as well as the temptation to turn to alcohol during difficult times.

Gareth Davies joins the podcast today to talk about his journey to One Year No Beer and what giving up alcohol has been like for him. Gareth says that he had an average British youth and that he picked up drinking culture when he started playing rugby, as well as from his parents, who often enjoyed drinking after work. Four years ago, Gareth experienced a dark time when he lost his eyesight as a result of a genetic condition. Another difficult period occurred when he went through a divorce 18 months ago. Eventually, Gareth came across One Year No Beer, thanks to a Facebook ad.

“It’s all-encompassing. You know, my lifestyle’s improved that much.”

At the time of this recording, Gareth has been alcohol-free for 281 days. When he joined One Year No Beer, he made a point of telling people in his life – including people at the pub that he frequented – that he was giving up alcohol for a year. He explains that now, he believes that he’s done with alcohol for good.

During the interview, Gareth explains how drinking is hard-wired into the rugby club setting, as well as other settings like college and the military. However, he also talks about how rugby brings you in contact with so many different types of people and can be a truly positive experience. He also talks about how his life has changed since he gave up drinking. Gareth says that these days he has more confidences. He’s listening to more audiobooks, including self-help books, and he’s eating healthier food and maintaining a more plant-heavy diet. Gareth also says that he’s a better dad without the alcohol and that he’s setting a better example for his own children.

Gareth says that it’s natural to turn to alcohol as a crutch during difficult times, such as when you’re injured or ill. However, he also says that this does not need to be a permanent condition and that once you take ownership over your own life, you can begin to accept what has happened and stop dwelling on the past. Gareth also talks about the support he’s received from One Year No Beer. He explains that with OYNB, you feel listened to and supported, not judged. Gareth encourages others to be brave, dig deep, and keep smiling.


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