For those who know someone affected by dementia, I am sure they will all agree it's pretty tough. Thankfully there is now a massive push to understand and tackle this debilitating problem. My poor old Nan has suffered for the last 10 years and although her body just keeps going against all the odds her mind left long ago. I am not going to over dramatise it here, but let’s just say it seems like a harsh existence.


This morning in the gym, GMTV happened to be on and it stopped me in my tracks. As I read the subtitles they had a huge impact on me:


‘Alcohol no matter how small can be a significant cause of dementia in middle-aged adults (40 – 65)’


Of course this does not apply to everyone and of course, someone will come up with another study saying how one glass of red wine helps protect you against dementia. BUT what struck me about this study was that they said zero alcohol was the only way to go. A teetotal approach rather than some wishy-washy 2 units a day is ok…


Personally, of course, it’s hard not to be biased, I feel when you leave these ‘recommendations’ in there – for examples ‘one glass of wine is ok…’ It leads to problems. The vast majority if they are honest don’t stick to these ‘recommendations’. Of course, they do drink just one on occasions, but on others, they drink a whole bottle. It is time to stop kidding ourselves. The evidence is starting to come through that ANY amount of alcohol is bad for you.


At OneYearNoBeer we are not trying to prove to you that alcohol is bad for your health. The studies and medical professionals can do this. We are here to show you that life is so much better without alcohol in the first place. So don’t worry about the studies or whether one glass is good for your health or not. Just quit regardless and your life will be brighter and more vibrant than ever.

Come and join us – sign up today and make the best change to your life.

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