The Power of Change | OYNB Podcast 034

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 034 – The Power of Change with Josh Quigley

Life can sometimes take you to very dark places, whether or not you struggle with alcohol. If you’re dealing with mental health problems, like depression, it can be difficult to overcome any other problems that you might also be facing. Today’s guest knows from first-hand experience how destructive depression can be and how much of a difference it can make to get the help that you need.

Josh Quigley attempted suicide by crashing his car going at 80 miles an hour. Not only did he survive the suicide attempt, he walked away without injury. This inspired him to get help and make a change. Eventually, he decided to cycle around the world. When he returned home, after cycling and walking more than 14,000 miles through 15 countries, he decided that what he really wanted to do was help other people find health and happiness.

“The more you start to make changes, the better you start to feel.”

Josh describes how he changed his mindset by reading and learning. He talks about the importance of taking responsibility for your life and making changes where you can make them. You may not be able to control every factor that contributes to depression, like biology or brain chemistry, but you can change things like how much alcohol you drink, what you eat, how often you exercise, and so on.

In our interview, Josh talks about the lessons that he learned during his cycling trip, like the importance of meeting new people and hearing their stories. He also talks about traveling the Camino de Santiago, an ancient religious pilgrim route. He also talks about his relationship with alcohol, how it impacted his life, and how he decided to make a change and commit to sobriety. Listen to the episode to hear the rest of Josh’s powerful story.


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