Planning Intentional Action | OYNB Podcast 036

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 036 – Planning Intentional Action with Chris Guillebeau

When you want to make changes in your life or challenge yourself in some way, it’s not enough just to wait for it to happen. You have to make it happen by taking action, and in order to take meaningful action, you have to have a plan and a process for making things happen. That’s true whether your goal is to give up alcohol or travel around the world. Today’s guest is an expert in the ways that planning intentional actions can lead you to amazing places.

Chris Guillebeau is an author, blogger, and speaker. He also has a podcast, Side Hustle School, and runs the annual World Domination Summit. Chris is also known for having visited every country in the world. He made it to all 193 countries before the age of 35.

In today’s episode, Chris talks about how making changes in your life can lead to more changes, and how experiences contribute to self-awareness and the ability to make wiser decisions. He talks about how important planning was in his quest to visit every country in the world. He also explains how he grew into that goal, starting with a smaller goal of visiting 100 countries, and only expanding the goal to include all the countries as he grew close to meeting the original challenge.

“In the world we live in, having more than one source of income can give you disproportionate security.”

Chris also discusses his podcast, and why he is interested in the concept of the side hustle. Chris felt that people who already have full-time jobs and can’t or don’t want to quit were being left out of the conversation about entrepreneurship.

Chris feels that it’s important for everyone to have more than one source of income, and that people who already have jobs should be empowered to create additional income streams for themselves. He believes that people can identify something they’re good at and figure out how to turn that into an additional income. Tune in to hear more of the conversation with Chris.


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