Forget Moderation | OYNB Podcast 015

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 015 – Forget Moderation This Is Now And Again With Ruari And Andy

In today’s episode, the two of us are taking a deeper dive into the first 90-day challenge of our One Year No Beer Challenge. We want to clear up any confusion about the challenge and make sure people aren’t beating themselves up about having a drink now and again. We don’t like to use the word moderation. It’s an ugly word that has a stigma which sometimes causes those of us working toward a change to have an internal battle with ourselves. If you’re beating yourself up about wanting a drink or sipping on a drink at dinner, this episode is for you.

When it comes to the two of us, we have a different approach to drinking. And we are both right in our approach. After the One Year No Beer Challenge, Andy remains alcohol free. His new lifestyle also inspired him to become more healthy and turn to a vegan diet that really changed his life around. Ruari doesn’t drink very often, but he doesn’t deny himself a taste here or there either. There are whiskey tastings he’s attended and it’s not unusual for him to have a sip of wine at dinner either. This is not a regular occurrence but it’s not something he beats himself up about either. What’s important about both of our approaches is that we are both conscious of why and when we are choosing to drink or not to drink. Remember, you are in control of your lifestyle and your drinking, and there are many healthy ways you can enjoy life with or without alcohol.

“I never signed up for being alcohol-free forever when I signed up to do this.”

That’s right, being alcohol-free was never an end goal for us. We only aimed to change our relationship with alcohol. We wanted to put a bit of control around leisure drinking and help those of you – including ourselves – recognize our own red flags so we can stop ourselves before we venture down that drunken path of no return. This doesn’t mean that it’s wrong of Ruari to have a glass of whiskey with his father every now and again, but Ruari does look out for himself by putting controls on when, where, and how he drinks. Some of the clues that work for him include:

  • Drinking alone
  • Drinking to reduce stress
  • Drinking faster than everyone else

It’s important to recognize what triggers your unhealthy behaviors, and it’s even more important to give yourself credit for stopping yourself when the temptation arises. We don’t want our listeners to fight with themselves about leisurely drinking, and we definitely don’t want you to feel any pressure from the holiday parties that are going on around this time of year either. Just remember to take one day at a time, have a few alternative beverages that you enjoy sipping on, and – most importantly – still go out and have fun and enjoy yourself. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time!

“I’m trying to make my inner world as clear as possible.”

When you realize that evenings are still fun even without drinking, you’ll notice that it builds your confidence. The confidence you get from taking on this 90-day and 365-day challenge will give you the power to take on any of the other challenges in your life. Dieting? Relationships? All of those become easier when you realize how strong you are after you slash your dependence on alcohol. Positivity and productivity go through the roof, and that’s what we’re here to talk about. We want to hear about your challenges, but we also want to hear about your successes and everything you’ve achieved since you’ve taken on the challenge. Creating new and healthy lifestyles is what the One Year No Beer challenge is all about. It’s not about quitting drinking, it’s about giving you the power and confidence to be the best you possible.

And in honor of creating the best of the best, we are in the process of publishing our first book and revamping our online presence for the New Year. Big changes are coming in 2017, so if you aren’t already a member of our Facebook group or subscribed to our email list, sign up now so you can talk with us live and keep up with all the exciting changes we have planned for 2017.



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