Managing Holidays | OYNB Podcast 023

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 023 – Managing Holidays with Ruari and Andy

We are both reunited for today’s episode of One Year No Beer! The launch of OYNB+ was a HUGE success, with over 60,000 new people signing up to change their lives. We are still working on the book, but we have both been taking our fair share of holidays in order to find our Zen and relax our brains.

Remember what we talked about in our mindfulness podcast with Dr. Itai? It’s important to be completely present during your holidays and your vacations too. You have to make time for yourself, your family, your children, your friends, and anything and anyone else that helps you relax and reach that state of mind that inspires you to create. It’s also really important to recognize how much fun and energy you have when you aren’t hungover! It’s amazing to actually enjoy a vacation without needing another holiday after it to heal the hangover.

“I’m gonna set my mind up correctly so I can make it through.”

Today’s episode is all about creating a positive mindset, which really isn’t that hard when you’re on holiday. You’ve already removed all the stress of work and traffic, but you may still worry about not drinking. Andy got some weird looks during his holiday in Dubai when he told his waiter that yes, he was sure all he wanted was sparkling water. Everyone expects the Englishman to drink on holiday, so it might feel weird to break stereotypes like that. If you’re having a hard time avoiding booze on your vacation, or you’re afraid you’re going to get some weird looks, set up your mind to feel pride when someone looks at you funny. It’s a proud moment to buck trends and go against the grain. You’re going to make people turn heads, and you’re going to start a conversation about One Year No Beer that’s probably going to inspire someone else to take on this challenge and transform their life for the better.

We have a ton of shoutouts in this episode too! So many people finished their 90 Day No Beer Challenge this month, and we are about to give them some serious kudos! Sarah, Sharon, and Matthew all finished their challenge and were definitely vocal about it in our community and in our blog. We want to challenge you to do the same thing. If you have a holiday coming up, we dare you to not touch a drink while you’re on vacation. Then write about. Share in a blog post or in our forum how it felt to stay sober this holiday, and we can give you kudos on our next episode!


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