Make Space for Sober Cards | OYNB Podcast 062

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 062 – Make Space for Sober Cards with Lucy Wilkins

If you or someone close to you has ever tried to give up alcohol for a stretch of time, you know that it can be a challenge, and hitting an anniversary or another milestone is a real achievement. Have you ever wanted to celebrate a sober achievement with someone? If so, you may have looked for a greeting card to commemorate the occasion – and if you did that, you probably noticed that there weren’t many choices. Today’s guest made that very discovery, then decided to do something about it.

Lucy Wilkins and her business partner Sara Bender both had people in their lives who had struggled with drinking. When Lucy went looking for a greeting card to celebrate her loved one’s 100 days sober, she was temporarily stymied when she couldn’t find what she was looking for. When she talked it over with Sara, they decided to start making their own cards for the sober space. Their company is called We Are In Good Co.

“We’re just saying, just make space for the people those cards aren’t relevant or appropriate for.  Just make space for the sober cards.”

Lucy explains that attitudes around sobriety are changing and younger people are more likely to be open and celebrate their sobriety, where older generations are more likely to hold their sober status close to the vest.

As Lucy points out, sobriety doesn’t necessarily have to be a response to addiction or bad experiences with alcohol – going alcohol-free is a lifestyle choice, and many people choose it because they prefer it or because it’s healthier.

Lucy and Sara have run into some challenges distributing their cards because some people assume that their niche is too small. However, they believe that the sober niche is growing, and the feedback they receive suggests that there are people out there searching for the type of fun, sober greetings offered by We Are In Good Co.


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