Live Interviews with OYNB Spartans | OYNB Podcast 050

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 050 – Live Interviews with OYNB Spartans

Welcome to Spartan season! Today’s episode of One Year No Beer comes to you from the Spartan Windsor races. Rather than one long interview, today you’ll get to hear from a number of different One Year No Beer members who have chosen to join this year’s Spartan races, as well as some of the Spartan staff members. We’re going to talk about what it’s like to participate in the Spartan races, the sense of achievement it can bring, and how lives have been changed by One Year No Beer. Listen to the episode to hear Ruari interview various Spartan attendees.

During today’s episode, you’ll hear from Sam, a Spartan Race UK staff member. Sam says that there have been about 10,000 racers in attendance this weekend (many of whom are looking for a good non-alcoholic beer.) Sam encourages people who are thinking about trying a Spartan race but are unsure of their abilities to give it a shot because Spartan offers something for everyone.

“Nothing will inspire me to take away the happy glow that I carry around inside of me now since being alcohol-free.”

Carrie is a One Year No Beer member who signed up in October of last year. She signed up for the 28-day challenge to start and ended up doing 42 days. Though she had a few drinks after those 42 days, she signed up to volunteer at the Spartan races and decided that she didn’t want to be drinking alcohol while doing that, so she stopped again. She was on her 99th day alcohol-free as of this recording.

Sarah, attending the Spartan races with her son Angus, is at about 375 days without alcohol.  Before finding OYNB, Sarah was in an unhealthy routine of drinking every single day. She explains that she also realized that when she was going out, one drink was never enough. Sarah found One Year No Beer just by searching around on the internet. She describes the difficulty that she had quitting, but also asserts that it was all worth it. She says that she never would have come to the Spartan races without One Year No Beer. Sarah recommends that others who are thinking about joining One Year No Beer start today.

Ruari also talks to Jo, Kurt, and Jules, among others. Jo is 500 days alcohol-free, and she says that One Year No Beer has helped her find new confidence, and she’s now willing to try more new things. Kurt says that One Year No Beer helped him gain clarity and a new sense of connectedness to his family. He also says that he was nervous about trying the Spartan races, but that he had great fun and received help from the One Year No Beer members in attendance. Jules talks about her experience with going alcohol-free and describes how the posts in the One Year No Beer group helped her realize that she wasn’t alone.

Listen to the episode to hear all of the amazing interviews at the Spartan races. Hearing One Year No Beer members talk about their experiences will give you a great sense of the fun and excitement of the activity and the sense of community among One Year No Beer members.


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