Level Up Your Life: Chris Barez-Brown | OYNB 077

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 077 – Level Up Your Life with Chris Barez-Brown 

In today’s episode of the One Year No Beer podcast, Chris Barez-Brown joins the show. Chris is the founder of Upping Your Elvis, a movement designed to bring more energy into the workplace and to help individuals level up their performance in business and in life. Chris is a speaker, the author of four books, and a regular writer for publications like GQ Magazine and the Harvard Business Review. 

Chris started out his adult life in the army, but says that his military career didn’t last long because he quickly realized that he was more of a lover than a fighter. So, he went to college and earned a degree and started pursuing the things that he thought he was supposed to want – a job with an expense account, a car, a chance to climb the corporate ladder. And then he found that those things didn’t make him happy either, so he made a drastic change. Now, he says he’s on a mission to help others love their lives as much as he does.

“The important thing is it’s always all about making sure every individual has a bit more awareness, a bit more choice about how they show up.”

Upping Your Elvis is about a belief that when you have the right energy, things go smoothly and life is fun and easy. And if you don’t have the right energy, the opposite happens. Chris says the first thing that’s important to do is make people aware of their own energy and help them understand how it works. Then they need to figure out the things that enhance and improve their energy – this can include anything from nutrition to exercise to time management. Finally, people have to learn how to prevent their energy from being depleted. 

In today’s interview, Chris also talks about his own experience going alcohol-free. Chris says that he’s currently at around 100 days without alcohol. While he’s gone without alcohol for short periods before, Chris says that going alcohol free for an extended period is a different experience that’s had unexpected benefits. He also talks about the change in perspective that can be achieved by identifying and breaking a big habit, such as drinking alcohol. To hear more about Chris’s work and life, listen to today’s episode.

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