Invest in Wellness | OYNB Podcast 069

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 069 – Invest in Wellness with Richie Crowley

No one has unlimited time in this world to do all of the things that they may want to do, so why waste time? Today’s guest says that he plans to live to 100, and understands that if he wants to work and build and create all the things that he wants to do in that time, then it’s important to get started now. 

Richie Crowley has been alcohol-free for about two years now. He stresses the importance of health, wellness, meditation, and connecting with others. Richie points out that while people often encourage their friends to leave toxic relationships and workplaces, they don’t necessarily encourage them to change toxic ways of living, and that the relationship with alcohol is a toxic one for many people.

“There’s just so many different things that I want to build and create and work on and be a part of in this life, that I look at and say hey, the clock is ticking in a way, let me start doing it all.” 

In today’s episode, Richie talks about his current adventure, a bike ride across America. Richie will be starting his ride in Boston, Massachusetts, and finishing in Los Angeles, California. Along the way, he plans to meet and connect with people from communities that he’s never visited before and share what he knows about health, wellness, and meditation with the people who need to hear it. 

Richie wants to make connections and show the importance of connections, and he believes that there’s no time to waste. Listen to the episode to hear more about Richie’s background, philosophy, and plans for adventure.


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