Intentional Parenting: Justin Batt | OYNB 083

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 083 – Intentional Parenting: Justin Batt 

When it comes to raising children, you have to make your moments count, because your child will only be a child for so long. Parents know this, but many find it harder than they expected to get in the quality time that they and their children need. And worries about doing it wrong can lead some parents not to even try. 

Today’s guest joins the podcast to talk about intentional parenting. Justin Batt is the founder of Daddy Saturday, an organization designed to help dads raise good kids to become great adults. Justin explains how Daddy Saturday got started – his wife was getting started establishing her own business, and Justin found himself in the position of being the primary parent on most Saturdays. He noticed that these Saturdays didn’t always result in the kind of time he wanted to spend with his children, despite good intentions, so he decided to make a change. 

“It starts with you as the parent first, and you modeling for your kids what you want to see in them.”

Justin started making plans to engage with his children in an intentional way. With a plan of action in place, not only did Saturdays go more smoothly, but Justin found that he was able to be really present with his children, not just physically, but emotionally as well. 

It didn’t take long for Justin to discover that he was not the only father experiencing similar things, and he set out to find a way to use his own engagement with his children to help out other fathers as well. This is what led to Daddy Saturdays. 

In today’s episode, Justin explains how he began helping other fathers develop plans for engaging with their children and how that intention helped relationships improve. He also discussed his research into the problem of fatherlessness, including how fathers can sometimes be present in the household but not emotionally available for their children, and how that affects children and families. He also discusses his own experiences with alcohol and giving it up. Listen in to learn more about Justin, Daddy Saturday, and intentional parenting. 


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