Goal Setting in Life and Business | OYNB Podcast 021

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 021 – Goal Setting in Life and Business with John Lee Dumas

OYNB+ IS NOW LIVE! OYNB+ is our re-designed platform for our brand new forum that’s available now exclusively for our members. Right now I’m watching people log in and create posts. The positivity is amazing!

The new OYNB+ platform focuses on the connection in our community. Andy and I want to bring people together online and off, and share how being fitter, happier, confident, and more productive changed our lives. There is a personal blog, message boards, and event planning. Ultimately we are working to create global meet-ups for OYNBers everywhere, so stay tuned! New products and media will be rolling out over the coming weeks, so get online and start connecting now so you don’t miss out. Doors close to new members in 4 days!

“I love how the world works like that.”

Speaking of making the connection, our guest today is pretty personal. He’s my ultimate connection. John Lee Dumas created the EOFire Podcast course, which I took over 18 months ago. The rest is history, so it’s absolutely amazing to have John on the OYNB Podcast! Podcasting is one of the best ways to break out in any industry these days, and John’s created so many tools and resources for entrepreneurs to start their own. He jumpstarted our idea behind OYNB, and without his course we would not be able to connect with all of you out there today.

When it comes to making his own connections, John has a unique approach to drinking. “I was never a casual drinker,” he says. Rather, he keeps his drinking to a minimum by saving it for special occasions every few months. John talks about his ability to organize his partying and breaks down his top tips for achievement, including the five things you need to set a smart goal and keep it. If you want to kick start your goals into gear, John’s also got a Freedom Journal which he’s talking about today. It will help you achieve your #1 goal in 100 days.

You know, that goes right along with our 90-day no-beer challenge, don’t you think? We’ve got 5 copies of the Freedom Journal to give away to 5 lucky OYNB members. Get online today and enter for your chance to win! There are so many ways you can succeed, you just have to get started!


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