Finding Your “Why” | OYNB Podcast 053

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 053 – Finding Your “Why” with Will Polston

Will Polston is an award-winning mindset strategist and the founder of Make It Happen, an organization that works to help its clients gain clarity, take action, stay accountable, and make a difference as they make their way to the lifestyle that they want. He’s worked with celebrities, athletes, business owners, and regular people at low points in their life to help them reach the goals that they wanted to achieve.

Will was on a mission to find success when he got into the field of personal development, but he found that working in personal development allowed him to do something more important than just making money – it allowed him to help people as well.

“I believe we do more for others than we do for ourselves.”  

In today’s interview, Will talks about his decision to give up alcohol, and why he decided to do so. Will wants to pay his mother the money that she would need to retire, and he believes that he’ll reach that goal faster if he isn’t drinking. He describes how, when he was drinking on the weekends, he would go back to work on Monday, but not feel back up to 100% productivity until Friday. He believes that drinking was stopping him from working to his full potential. He decided in May to give up drinking for at least a year. Will believes that it can be easier to follow through with a tough decision if you’re doing it for someone else, rather than yourself, and he even gave a Ted Talk on this subject.

Will also talks about the event that he has coming up in December, The Personal Development Event of the Year. This will be a gathering of a number of respected and authoritative names in the personal development field. One Year No Beer podcast listeners who are interested in attending the event are eligible for a double upgrade that will give them access to all areas of the event.


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