Finding Meaning Through Meditation | OYNB Podcast 037

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 037 – Finding Meaning Through Meditation with Justin Caffrey

When tragedy strikes, it can be easy to retreat into anything that looks like it could be a form of escape, whether that’s a bottle of alcohol or some other destructive substance or behavior. On the other hand, surviving tragedy can also put you on a path of self-discovery, learning how to face inner demons and change your way of life entirely. Today’s guest knows something about both the challenges and triumphs of facing tragedy.

Justin Caffrey is a successful serial entrepreneur who after several major life experiences started to question everything in his life. This lead to Justin going alcohol-free, eating a plant-based diet and using meditation as a way to cope. Justin now aims to help people overcome adversity and struggle via meditation and healthy living through his wonderful Instagram posts on meditate_not_medicate.

Justin experienced a life-changing loss when his son died at only 11 months old. At the time, he tried to cope by throwing himself into his work. This led to a decline in his personal health and wellness. Justin became depressed and anxious, experienced panic attacks, and tried to cope by self-medicating with alcohol. Eventually he found himself struggling with suicidal thoughts. He knew he needed to make a change, so he sought out a psychiatrist who introduced him to cognitive therapy and meditation.

“Most of the things I’m searching for were already inside me.”

With the help of cognitive therapy and meditation, Justin turned his life around. In the episode, he explains why he calls himself “Justin 2.0”. He talks about the link between exercise and nutrition and mood, and the importance of meditating in the morning. He explains that meditation is a huge part of his life now, and he’s working to get the word out to others that meditation is a healthier alternative to self-medicating with alcohol or drugs, as well as a way to bring some spiritualism and meaning into your life.


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