Finding Clarity | OYNB Podcast 030

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 030 – Finding Clarity with Rosamund Dean

Here at One Year No Beer, we’re working to help people change their relationship with alcohol. For some people, that means giving up alcohol entirely. For others, it means completing a 28-day, 90-day, or 365-day challenge, then going back to including alcohol in your life, but in a healthier way.

In either case, the important thing is that you have the choice to define your relationship with alcohol in the way that’s best for you. In order to make that choice, you need to find clarity on what alcohol is and isn’t doing for you and free yourself from social and cultural pressures to drink. Today’s guest has written a book on that subject.

“It’s in the being aware of how you feel about things and learning to feel your feelings that you can really learn about yourself.”

Rosamund Dean is a journalist and the author of the book Mindful Drinking: How Cutting Down Can Change Your Life. In today’s interview, she talks about some of the interesting and important facts she learned while researching her book. For example, she explains that women in her generation are drinking more than women in previous generations, and that they’re drinking as much or more than men.

Rosamund also talks about her own journey with drinking. She describes how easy it was not to drink while pregnant, because of the lack of social pressure to drink during that time – but also how easy it was to fall back into old habits when the pregnancy was over and the social pressure to drink returned. Rosamund talks about the importance of mindfulness and having a plan when you drink, in order to avoid overdoing it.

Rosamund also shares some of the physical benefits of cutting back on alcohol. As she points out, alcohol is very dehydrating, which can have negative effects on your skin and hair, among other things. She points out that maintaining an attractive appearance is important to everyone and can be one of many powerful motivating factors for people who are interested in giving up or cutting back on their alcohol consumption.


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