Being Accountable | OYNB Podcast 031

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 031 – Being Accountable with Sally Wilkinson

Deciding to give up alcohol for a period of time is something of an adventure. When you’re starting out, you don’t know what your life is going to look like without the alcohol. You also don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen when you reach the end of your alcohol-free challenge. Will you go back to drinking the way you did before? Will you give up alcohol entirely? Will you choose something in the middle?

Every person’s journey is different, but it can help to look at others who have completed their challenges for inspiration and for an idea of what life might look like during and after your challenge. Today’s guest has some experiences to share, having recently completed her own 365-day challenge.

“If you keep saying to yourself that you don’t have time, it’s because you don’t want it enough.”

Sally Wilkinson runs her own Facebook page, called Get Over Yourself – Get Fitter. She does fitness challenges, organizes juicing retreats, and offers accountability programs. She’s also a member of One Year No Beer.

In our interview, Sally talks about her history with alcohol and how she came to join One Year No Beer. She describes feeling depressed, experiencing financial problems, and stealth drinking. She shares some of the events that led her to drink too much, and her concerns about joining ONYB and giving up the alcohol. She also talks about some of the difficulties she experienced during the challenge.

Sally also shares how she turned things around once she got rid of the alcohol. She’s found ways to make her business more profitable and enjoy life more at the same time. She explains how helpful the One Year No Beer group was in helping her get through the more difficult parts of the challenge. Sally also explains the importance of fitness, and how being fit and strong can help you overcome difficulties in your life.


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