Discovering Your Talents | OYNB Podcast 073

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 073 – Discovering Your Talents with Jerry Lyons

In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Jerry Lyons. Today, Jerry is the author of a popular children’s book that offers an important message that children of all ages need to hear. But that wasn’t always Jerry’s life. 

Jerry grew up in a working-class Irish family and played football, and as he explains, there was always alcohol around. So Jerry became a heavy social drinker for over 30 years of his life. But eventually, Jerry began to get tired of the drinking. He wanted a break. He saw the ad for One Year No Beer after trying Dry January. He decided to do a 90-day challenge on his own, without joining OYNB. After completing it (and on April Fools Day) he opted to drink again and felt bad dealing with the resulting hangover. That was when he decided to take the plunge and join OYNB.

Listen to the episode to hear more about Jerry’s journey, which has now reached over 500 days without drinking. Hear him explain how going alcohol-free improved his health and boosted his mental health and emotional stability. And listen in to hear Jerry’s surprising discovery of talent that he didn’t even know that he had – the ability to write a children’s story. In today’s episode, he’ll talk about how he came to write that story, why its message matters so much, and what’s next on the horizon.


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