Discover Your Moonshot | OYNB Podcast 026

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 026 – Discover Your Moonshot with Naveen Jain

Do you have what seems like an impossible dream? Alcohol can numb you and be at least partially responsible for holding you back from achieving your biggest goals and most unlikely dreams. Once you get your relationship with alcohol under control, you will be ready to start thinking about your biggest goals and how you will take them on. You’ll be ready to think about taking your moonshot – the big dream that may seem impossible to other people.

Here at One Year No Beer, our moonshot is to transform the world’s relationship with alcohol. We’re working towards that with our 2018 goal of impacting one million people in 2018. We won’t be doing that alone. You can help by buying our book, sharing our posts, sharing the podcast, and sending in your pictures and reviews.

“The power of technology is allowing individuals like you and I to do things that only superpowers could do before.”

Today’s guest is someone who knows something about moonshots. Naveen Jain is the only person who has permission to land on the moon. Though he came from an impoverished background, Naveen became a successful entrepreneur who has had great success in a variety of industries. Naveen’s company Moon Express has plans to land on the moon by next year, and he sees this as a stepping stone toward ensuring that humans don’t have to be confined to living only on this planet.

Naveen also talks to us about his company Viome. Viome is concerned with identifying individual’s gut microbiomes and determining what foods, supplements, and probiotics each individual needs in order to maintain a healthy gut. Naveen explains that 70% of our immune system is around the gut lining, so the immune system is basically being trained by the gut, and inflammation in that area is what leads to a variety of chronic illnesses, from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to cancer and depression.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, Naveen says that drinking too much can affect the gut flora, leading to leaky gut syndrome and eventually causing the contents of the gut to seep out and affect the blood stream and other organs.

Naveen offers some New Year’s resolutions for those who are looking to accomplish big things in the future. He suggests cutting negative people out of your life and surrounding yourself with those who build you up. He advises having a mission in mind and not being afraid to think big. Naveen emphasizes that you only fail when you give up. Not every idea that you have will work, but every idea that doesn’t work out is just a stepping stone to a bigger, better idea.


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