Dating Without Alcohol | OYNB Podcast 057

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 057 – Dating Without Alcohol with Dalya Heron Brook

Changing your relationship with alcohol changes a lot of other things as well, including the way you related to other people. And when it comes to dating, cutting out or limiting alcohol can be a dramatic change, because so many date scenarios include – or are even centered around – alcohol. Today’s guest brings an important perspective to the conversation around alcohol-free dating.

Dalya Heron Brook is a Transformational Coach who has a special focus on dating and intimate relationships. She works as a professional matchmaker with Asprey Introductions and is featured on the television show The Ultimate Matchmaker, in addition to her work as a coach.

“You definitely, definitely create more opportunity for yourself, in my opinion, by going on a date sober. Even if you are a drinker.”

In today’s episode, Dalya talks about her work and how she became a Transformational coach after an intensive 3-year course of study with her own coach, in addition to studying with other wellness gurus. Dalya explains that eschewing alcohol in a dating situation can help by bringing more clarity to the situation, which can help you make more informed decisions.

Dalya acknowledges that it can be awkward to talk to a date about not drinking and choosing activities that don’t involve drinking. However, she points out that this can be a way of weeding out potential dates who are inclined to be judgmental of your choices. What’s more, she explains that revealing your decision to avoid alcohol can be a bonding moment, as you’re showing a willingness to be vulnerable.

Dalya goes on to talk about how being alcohol-free can affect intimate situations. She explains that alcohol suppresses the nervous system, preventing you from feeling as much physical. She points out that without alcohol to suppress your physical sensations, physical intimacy can be a more sensual experience.

Dalya also talks about the book she’s working on, which is about evolving through the break-up process. Dalya believes that a break-up is a painful moment, but also a powerful one. In her book, she is exploring the different phases of a break-up, as well as including information about self-care and coaching.


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