Creating Space for Creativity | OYNB Podcast 049

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 049 – Creating Space for Creativity with Pat Divilly

Members of One Year No Beer may have heard about the Manchester Power-Up that’s coming up on September 22nd. Whether you’re looking to start your first alcohol-free challenge or you’ve sorted your relationship with alcohol and you’re looking to focus and improve on other aspects of your life, the Manchester Power-Up is the event for you. OYNB is excited to announce that one lucky person who attends will win a special prize – the keys to One Year No Beer. The winner will receive lifetime access to OYNB Masterminds programs, 50% off of all coaching programs, lifetime access to OYNB+ and Live Life Better, 50% off of merchandise, and more.

While only one person will win this valuable prize, everyone who attends will have a chance to see the amazing guest speakers at the event. One of those speakers is Pat Divilly, who is joining us for today’s episode. Pat has been a guest on the One Year No Beer podcast before. He’s an author, a speaker, and a high-performance coach whose passion is helping people find new levels of purpose, passion, and fulfillment through movement and mindset.

“I think corporate is really starting to see the value in things that I talk about.”

Pat tells us about what he’s been up to lately, including giving talks in corporate settings and making his lessons in personal development more accessible to corporate settings. He’s also spent time mountain climbing and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Pat shares some of the things that he talks about in seminars, like mindfulness and the importance of recognizing the things that you can control, checking in with yourself and finding ways to support yourself, and understanding when you need to let certain things go.

Pat talks about the importance of finding creative ways to use energy, and how when people don’t use their energy in creative ways, they can turn to addictive behaviors like drinking too much alcohol. Pat says that for him, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one method of using energy in a creative way.

During the episode, you’ll also get to hear a portion of one of Pat’s one-day workshops. Pat shares a little bit about the kind of feedback that he gets at these events. He says that the people who attend his workshops can see that he lives what he speaks about, and that he makes his advice sound like common sense.

At the Manchester Power-Up, Pat will be speaking about confidence and fear, and how this can tie in with alcohol use. People may drink when they’re experience social anxiety or feeling a lack of confidence. Pat will talk about how to find clarity, purpose, and passion, and what confidence truly is. Pat explains that it’s important to recognize the value of emotions and understand how to recognize them, own them, and use them to push yourself into positive action.


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