Creating a Community for the Sober Curious | OYNB Podcast 065

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 065 – Creating a Community for the Sober Curious with Janey Lee Grace 

Everyone knows about rehabilitation facilities and Alcoholics Anonymous, but what is out there for people who want to live a healthier, alcohol-free life or who want to moderate their drinking, but aren’t in need of interventions or total permanent abstinence? One Year No Beer provides one community for people in those situations, and today’s guest is also helping to create a community by hosting events for the sober curious and talking about her own journey with alcohol and with giving up alcohol.

Janey Lee Grace is a television presenter and radio personality who’s been featured on BBC Radio 2. She was a singer who toured with Wham and performed alongside artists like Boy George and George Michael. Today, she’s a journalist and an alcohol-free inspirationalist.

“You actually get younger when you get sober.”

Janey says that when you give up drinking, you’re actually giving more than you’re giving up. Abstaining from alcohol improves health and relationships and reduces anxiety. Janey says that even her eyesight has improved since she quit drinking.

Although Janey has a background in health, wellbeing, and holistic wellness, she explains that she didn’t change her diet or do any other special health-related work while she was in the process of getting sober. She says that she felt she needed to just focus on getting sober and that she actually ate more sugar in the beginning. Janey explains that sometimes you need to put your energy and focus into doing one thing – in this case, getting sober – and it’s OK not to also be trying to lose weight or avoid sugar during that time.

Janey has partnered with a charity called My Yard to host Self Care for the Sober Curious events for people who are trying to get sober or who are considering it. My Yard is a small charity that focuses on providing healthy food for people in crisis, and they found that in the course of that work, they encountered a lot of people who were dealing with alcohol and substance dependence issues. These free events are meant to help people who want to cut down or quit drinking meet other people who feel the same way.

Janey explains that she kept her alcohol-free journey quiet at first, but going public with it helped her by providing accountability and community. She now hosts a podcast called Alcohol Free Life where she speaks to authors, experts, and other guests about living a sober life. Listen to the episode to hear more about Janey’s story and her work in the alcohol-free community.


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