BOOOOM! We’re BACK! | OYNB 024

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 024 – BOOOOM! We’re BACK! 

After nearly a year since the last time we recorded, we’re bringing the podcast back to life. Between jobs, businesses, blogs, and other factors, the podcast proved to be too much, so we ended it. However, in response to overwhelming demand, we’re bringing it back now that we’re both full time at One Year No Beer.

We have a lot of amazing updates to share. We’re broadcasting on YouTube now, as well as on the podcast. We’re going on BBC live to talk about the launch of our book, The 28 Day Alcohol‑Free Challenge. We have a series coming up in the Sunday Times that will feature sections from the book. And we have a lot of great guests and plans for the podcast as well.

“This year, with your help, we’re going to impact one million people in 2018.”

In this episode, we talk about how, when you change your relationship with alcohol, you impact the people around you as well. Ruari says that almost all of his family and friends have been impacted and that his father-in-law was drinking non-alcoholic beer this Christmas. We know that you’ll have an impact on the people around you as well. We believe that if we can reach 100,000 members, we’ll impact over one million people.

We also talk about some of the top tips that you can use going into Dry January. Andy recommends making sure that you have a plan for going out. You should know what you’re going to drink and have a backup plan in case that isn’t available. Ruari’s top tip is mindfulness. It’s important to remember that mindfulness is a skill that you have to learn and that it requires regular practice. A third tip is to find some alcohol-free alternatives that work for you. And remember that you don’t have to do it alone. The One Year No Beer community is there to help.


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