Lets kick this off by saying we love the work Alcohol Concern do and Dry Jan is a stroke of genius on their part. Dry Jan now helps millions take a break from alcohol and raises a huge amount of money for charities. On the whole we love it!

BUT in amongst all these amazing benefits there are some problems.

Lets face it – there are many who reluctantly take a month off the booze only to justify 11 months worth of carnage.

‘I don’t have a problem because I can take a month off. So I am not an alcoholic, I have total control.’

We see this all the time. Some mega boozers who lock themselves away for January in a vain attempt to kid themselves they have control over their drinking. This provides the green light for another year’s boozing – no questions asked.

The problem is, that In our experience, 30 days off is not quite long enough to change your relationship with alcohol permanently. While any time off is fantastic and certainly better than none, it takes 2-3 months for you to fully adjust to life without alcohol.

7 Reasons why Three months booze free is better than One?

#1 It is not possible to lock yourself away for 3 months. Becoming a social hermit and striking off the calendar for this long is not an option. So you have to get out there and enjoy life, socialise as normal or find new ways to enjoy the company of others.

#2 There is no option to drag yourself through 20 days and then spend the next 10, salivating over a monster session you have planned to celebrate getting back on it!

#3 Within a 3 month period you will face all life throws at you without the crutch of alcohol and this is the game changer. Once you re-experience the lows and highs of life – booze free, your relationship with alcohol starts to change. You really do – regain control.

#4 Lasting habit change such as exercise routines and healthy eating, will take longer than a month to stick. If they are undone too early by hangovers they will not have the time required to embed into your life. BUT If you give them three months worth of hangover ‘free time’, these positive habits will become a permanent feature.

#5 It takes time to get back to the authentic you. The fake confidence of dutch courage destroys real world confidence.  There is something powerful about regaining the real you. Being able to socialise and faces life stressors without the crutch of alcohol is a wonderful thing.

#6 Over one month you could save up to £ 500 -750, over three you could save an extra £1.5k !!

#7 Taking on your life goals requires time, energy and motivation. Alcohol robs you of all three. Can you get the promotion, the partner, start the business, change career, travel or study all in 30 days?  Perhaps you can, perhaps you can’t. So why not give yourself the time you deserve.  You might just change the world in 90 days.

So if you have just completed a Dry Jan now is the perfect time to join us and make it a Dry Feb and March as well.

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