Are you considering this challenge and dreaming about all the amazing benefits it will bring? Then think no more – now is the time to act and we will make it super easy for you during the month of June.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about how this challenge can help you create that summer body you always wanted.

OYNB is not designed as a weight loss or body shaping program but so many of our members report weight loss as a major alcohol-free win. We see this time and time again:

In 30 days I have reaped all the physical benefits that OYNB said I would, more energy, weight loss, cholesterol back to healthy levels, better sleep, more focus and NO HANGOVERS… to mention a few. Claire

I’m really enjoying having a clear head! I’ve lost weight and I’m sleeping a lot better, but I just feel like I’m getting so much done these days. Mark

I struggled to lose weight because exercise routines would be cancelled on a regular basis due to hangovers.  My diet would be blown as I craved stodge to get over the night before. Morning after anxiety left me lethargic and drained of any motivation to eat well or exercise. Combined with the general tiredness and lack of time my healthy lifestyle was almost non-existent. At this stage I was 3 stone (42lbs) overweight, my body fat was 35% and my resting heart rate had moved up to 67 bpm, I felt constantly tired and stressed. Oh, and I was showing early signs of calcification of my arteries. I was on a one-way ticket to a heart attack.

You might be asking why is this alcohol-free challenge is achieving such amazing weight loss results?

It’s a good question and the answer is not what you think:

Our members are not losing weight because of the reduction in calories from alcohol as you might have thought. It’s the knock-on advantages of going alcohol-free where all the big weight loss wins are made.

Motivation to exercise

With hangovers out of the way, those cringe-worthy excuses to cancel your exercise session dry up. There is a renewed motivation and energy that kickstarts fresh and exciting exercise routines.

Better diet

With the fog of hangovers lifted many members review their diets to support their new healthy lifestyle. Personally I moved from being a salad dodging meat eater to enjoying a plant based whole food diet, which I love to this day.

Quality sleep

There is a clear link between poor sleep and obesity.  One of the biggest alcohol-free health advantages our member's report is improved sleep. It is sleep that drives all the wonderful benefits above.

To conclude my story and that of thousands of our members, it is the combination of all those advantages above that makes the difference. I eventually lost 3 stone (42lbs) my body fat dropped to below 10% where it remains. My plant-based diet and lifestyle changes caused my resting heart rate to drop from 67 to a staggering 42!! And I stopped/reversed the calcification of my arteries. When combined with improved mental fitness I am in better shape now at 42 than in my 20’s when I played professional sport. And it was the one change, quitting alcohol, that ignited all the others.

So if you want to improve your waistline and health come and join us for the month of June.

We have created a system that will make it as easy as possible for you to smash this challenge. Our daily emails, videos, group coaching sessions, audio course, and the best community on the net will support and inspire you to a challenge victory.  You will not only transform your health but your waistline as well.

All you have to do is click here to sign up

We will do the rest from there.

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