For a long time it felt, to me, as though there are only two options when it came to alcohol:

Option 1:

This is where in my view the vast majority of our society sits. They believe in the marketer's paradise that you need to drink alcohol, in any amount, to be cool, to have fun and to look sexy. This is the glorified belief that alcohol is essential to a fulfilled life.

Option 2:

Then there is the option to keep drinking – just ‘more responsibly’. However, the underlying message is that as long as you are drinking alcohol, even in small amounts, you can still be a part of the cool, fun and sexy alcohol-fuelled scene.

For many years the next option after ‘drink responsibly’…. was…, wait for it, erm …. Nothing.

In summary, the underlying message is this – Society coupled with the world of marketing and advertising suggests you can either drink a lot or a little – just as long as you drink something then you can enjoy life to the full. Well, that was until now.

Finally an Option 3:

OYNB is creating a genuine third option, an option that no one has taken seriously until now. That going alcohol-free is just as cool, fun and sexy as drinking a lot or responsibly. This growing voice is uncovering a vibrant authentic tribe that finally fills the alcohol-free void.

What’s really interesting is that the ‘alcohol-free’ space is filling up quicker than all others combined. Hollywood’s A-listers such as Bradley Cooper, along with British sporting legend Freddie Flintoff and marketing gurus like Ryan Holiday are leading the way, proving credible role models. The superstars and smart thinkers of our generation are waking up to the same conclusion – that life is better alcohol-free.

My personal experience – ‘your career will be over if you don’t drink’ held me back for years. And there are millions out there who find themselves in the same place. But it’s time to make a stand, to join the thousands upon thousands who are making the same discovery – that rather than alcohol being something you have to ‘give up’ it actually provides a massive advantage over your alcohol loving peers.

Diageo the world’s largest drinks company has just bought shares in their first ever alcohol-free product – the delightful Seedlip – the world’s first alcohol-free spirit. When behemoths such as Diageo start to change stance you know the tide is turning.

Alcohol-free dance parties such as daybreaker and morning gloryville are taking off at lightning pace all over the globe. The biggest growth area in the drinks industry is alcohol-free alternatives. The tipping point is here and now is your chance to ride this new and exciting wave.

Here’s the problem – taking a break from alcohol is tough. Overcoming the huge social pressure that engulfs our society is a real challenge and without quality guidance, it can often end in failure. This leads to a missed opportunity to experience all the amazing alcohol-free benefits.

This is where OYNB comes in – we have developed various alcohol-free challenges from the 30, 90 and the big 365 days. The team will show you what you need to know when you need to know it. This is wrapped around  cutting-edge science, technology and a tribe that is being talked about as one of the best on the net.

To be clear this is not some puritan stance that alcohol is the devil and everyone should stop. If people want to drink that’s fine, if they want to drink responsibly even better and if they want to discover the real truth that actually life can get 10x better without alcohol, then finally, there is a new exciting tribe and a genuine third option.

Thank you for your time,

Andy Ramage

Co-founder (OYNB) OneYearNoBeer

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