We're extremely honoured to have a guest post from the legend David Kingsbury: Celebrity coach and the man responsible for the Wolverine body. I don't know about you, but if he can get me looking one tenth of Wolverine, I will be very happy indeed.

David has always felt strongly about the impact alcohol can have on success. He believes it causes a reduction in motivation and distraction from your goals, which means that getting to peak performance and drinking regularly just don't mix.

Over the past 11 years, David has worked remotely with thousands of clients and worked closely one on one with over 50 celebrities to achieve results that surpassed what they believed was possible. Five years ago, he was called upon by Hollywood to sculpt a group of actors into superheroes. He answered the call and in doing so created a group of elite celebrities who have the most famous and sexiest bodies in the world.

Here he shares a few of his top fitness hacks that will have you on the road to increased training success in no time…

David Kingsbury


3 Fitness Hacks to go from Geek to Superhero

Whether you are new to training or an iron veteran, some small changes to your training and lifestyle can give your body a complete overhaul. If you are looking to get in great shape or smash through your fitness plateaus, these hacks can get you there.

Superheroes don’t always get it easy, some have to work their arses off. Make the smart choice with your training and be more super.


1. Add some mutant sets into the mix

Do you have trouble building muscle? Are there areas you would like to have more muscle? Do you wish ice cream was good for lean gains? Most people will say yes to at least one of these.

What if I told you I can help you with the first two in just 180 seconds added to your current training plan? (If I told you ice cream WAS good for lean gains, well I would be making that bit up….)

Let me introduce you to my mutant sets and you can get the ball rolling to more muscle. You are simply going to add 2 sets of an exercise into your plan on the day you train that muscle group. Each set will last 90 seconds and you will keep repping the whole time. Use a tempo of 3 seconds down and 3 seconds up. Rest for 2-3 minutes between sets. Great gym options for these movements are leg press, lat pull down, chest press machine, and barbell bicep curls.

2. Carb cycle for lean muscle and the most effective fat loss

Carb cycling is a method I have utilised for as long as I can remember. It's been a useful tool in effective diet planning for decades. The basic principle of carb cycling is that over the course of a week you have days with high, medium and low carbohydrate intake. You coincide higher carb days with heavier gym sessions, and low carb days with either rest days or low intensity training days.

On training days, foods like oats, rice, quinoa, potato, fruit, veg, beans and pulses, plus your protein sources (meat, eggs, fish etc), should make up your meals. On lower carb days, go with the same protein sources and some carbohydrate (vegetables are normally sufficient), but top the calories up with healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado and oils.

The benefits to carb cycling:

Improving insulin sensitivity
Increase fat burning
Increase muscle gain


3. Kick the booze and boost your motivation to train

Alcohol will slow down your fitness progress. The extra calories and negative impact on your body after a heavy night will certainly make the journey to fitness more challenging that it needs to be.

With a lot of cultures, drinking is a big part of the social aspect of life and it can be hard to avoid. I personally only drink a few times a year and have a few tips for going out, having fun and not drinking:

Set a fitness date the next day – book a gym session or fitness activity with a mate for the day following your night out.
Get your mates together for different types of activities – go karting, bowling or paintball as examples.
If you are going out for drinks and are not drinking alcohol, make sure you aren’t replacing it with something equally packed with sugar and calories. Avoid fruit juices and sugary drinks to help stay in shape.

You can find out more about David and his fitness and coaching plans here.








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