If you aren’t in our Facebook Groups, don’t follow me, or not even on Facebook then you may have missed that I did Tough Viking in Stockholm today.

I’m shagged.

It's such a fantastic thing to do, these obstacle races.  

Really anyone can get round them, regardless of your fitness level.

You compete as a team.

You even help strangers getting over the obstacles.

It's a bit like the OYNB challenge and that’s why I love it so much.

I want to do more and more with the OYNB brand at these events.

I think the two go so well together.

Working together as a team, supporting others as you go through obstacles.

Facing fears, dealing with tough obstacles that you feel great fear around, but get over with the camaraderie and support of total strangers forced together under one roof, one race.

You have moments when you feel like quitting, you sometimes feel deflated when you trip up and fail on an obstacle and have to do the penalty.

But… eventually, you arrive victorious!

At the finish line.

With tonnes of other members cheering you on!

Now, am I talking about the incredible OYNB challenge, or am I still talking about Tough Viking!?!?!

See.. they are the same.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s CRUSH this challenge TOGETHER!


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