One of the benefits of being involved in an online community is the opportunity to learn from others experiences. Here are some top tips from our members for going alcohol-free!

Having a strong community can be a vital element in supporting behaviour change as it allows us to find others with similar views, interests and goals to reinforce our own life choices. If you decide to participate – or are already participating – in one of our alcohol-free challenges, you will become a part of the OYNB community where you can benefit from the experience, knowledge and advice of others who have been before you. You can learn from their mistakes, pick up on any tips and tricks, and in turn, you can share your experiences with others as you progress through the milestones. 

We believe it is this act of sharing and supporting that cements a newfound mindset, which is why we have decided to share some of our communities top tips for acing an alcohol-free challenge.  

Top tips from OYNB members

Whether you are in the early days of your challenge, or are all the way past your 365-day milestone, there is no limit on how much you can learn, develop and grow when it comes to personal development and living life better. So listen up, take notes, and bask in the expert knowledge of OYNB members!

Top tip #1 – Make alcohol inconvenient and unavailable. 

“Do not have it laying around the house. Also try to avoid the restaurant scene the first few weeks while you adjust and normalise not having a drink while eating. If you have a spouse that drinks, talk to them, work with them, try to get them onside. Ask a friend to store any alcohol from your house, or use a storage unit if you have one. Once you make it through the challenge you can then decide if it meets the drain or has a place in your life.”


Top tip #2 – Think through the consequences

“Press the fast forward button in your mind. If you want a drink, think about how your day tomorrow will be impacted and how awful you will feel. That always helps me put things into perspective.”


Top tip #3 – Own it up front! 

“Tell all your friends unashamedly that you will be starting a challenge soon. Tell them your reasons for wanting to take a break from drinking and then they become part of your accountability group instead of enablers.”


Top tip #4 – Stand strong in your decision

“Remember it's your choice, your journey and your story, nobody should tell you otherwise.”


Top tip #5 – Read the quit lit

Keep reading until the message sets in. Plan everything and change any part of your routine that involves alcohol (i.e. change your route home from work if you pass a shop where you used to purchase alcohol from). And tell people about your challenge, make it a real thing – it’s easier to commit to it that way.”


Top tip #6 – Plan out your days 

“Know what you’ll be doing at what times. Get out for a walk when temptation strikes or at the time you’d usually have that first drink. Don’t take money, phone or (these days) a face covering so you can’t buy anything. All else fails – go to bed, just keep busy!”


Top tip #7 – Do the prep work

“I read “The Naked Mind” by Annie Grace (and then listened to it on audible) BEFORE starting the challenge. I am only on day 8 of 90 (or more) and so far doing really well. I think the pre-work I did really helped. Had I not read the book beforehand I think I would be feeling deprived. But I’m really not at all, surprisingly. Reading the Facebook posts in the OYNB Challengers group has also helped tremendously!”


Top tip #8 – Explore your non-alcoholic options

“I got rid of all the alcohol in my home and replaced it with a few alcohol-free options instead. A few AF wines, beers, lots of tasty sparkling waters, fruit juices or teas. I also planned different events in the evenings after work – I called my sister, cooked a risotto, and tonight I will drop off some groceries for my parents.”


Take it from the experts

There you have it, top tips from those in the know. If you are just starting out on your alcohol-free journey, take heed of the advice from those well travelled in the alcohol-free challenge. Put this advice into action and ace your own alcohol-free adventure. Before you know it, it will be you passing on the words of wisdom to another just starting out. Good luck!


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