The most important part of your dry stint is learning to get the same rewards, but in new ways. You loved hanging around the bar with mates, but now it’s time to get those mates to swap the bar for something different…


5. Go-Karts Go_kart_edit

Pure adrenaline, people rarely say no, it costs about the same as a round, and you will have hours of fun. Book a group of 10, and get your friends along.







4. Sports Club

This is down to the individual. We all played something, or dreamt of playing something – Touch rugby? Footy? Ice hockey? Mountain biking? Gym? Whatever floats your boat, go and get your new kicks from sport and exercise.





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3. Our Forum – (

Sober LEGENDS are sprouting up from everywhere – from Sober Ski weekend reviews to “help me I’m in a bar and they only have coke”. It’s instant support and communication when you need it, and incredibly inspiring to know others are on the same journey.







2. Psycle (

This is like clubbing and exercising at the same time. As soon as you walk into Psycle, you are greeted by happy faces and cool vibes. You clock the juice bar in the corner and think, ‘yes, i will take one of those after I leave’. The spin class itself is awesome. Pure sweat, lots of dancing on a bike, and a few laughs at your performance. Take some mates for an alternative Friday after work catch up.



and in first place…


IMG_6591-copy1. Redemption Bar (

This is the future of bars: it’s dry. To be successful as a dry bar you need to be very creative with your drinks list, and Redemption have mastered it. A place you will feel absolutely no obligation to drink and can enjoy a pressure free, guilt free evening. Make sure you choose the cheesecake!

One day all bars will be more like Redemption, with a long list of non alcoholic and healthy alternatives. But until they are, Redemption is top of the game.

Many of our members have also asked about our sober dating tips – this has to be one of them. A funky bar with absolutely no peer persuasion to drink, and, in fact, no way to drink whatsoever? That’s a big thumbs up in our book and definitely worth a visit during your dry stint (and beyond).

If you’d like to add anything, feel free to comment and we will revise this with your preferences.


Stay cool!








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