This is what OneYearNoBeer is all about, becoming aware of your bad habits, and replacing them with good healthy new ones that will help you lead a happy and fulfilling life.  But the journey from Bad habit land to skipping down the road with angel dust behind you is not that simple.  We’ve listened to all of your comments on our forums and had LOTS of tea with you, and this is what we feel are the Top 10 Hacks to Implement New Habits.

1. Awareness – Let's sit down with your habit for a second.  Answer the following:

  • List the times when you crave it?
  • List the times when do you regularly do it?
  • What makes you reach for it?
  • When do you feel the pressure?
  • Doing this will create awareness of your habit.  Keep this in your mind – recognise the cues, recognise your behaviour and question every step.  We know the vast majority of your habit is subconscious behaviour and to change it we need to bring it out on centre stage and spank it.


2. Make the Decision – As obvious as this might seem, it’s not a quiet decision in your mind.  Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself firmly, THAT’S IT PAL, I’VE HAD ENOUGH. Call a mate and tell them you're a new you. Tell your partner, take the action to implement the habit change. Write down your commitment, stick it on the mirror (how many times have you heard that and never done it?) DO IT!  Ok I will too 😉


3. Substitution –  Now think about what you can substitute alcohol with instead. Let’s give you some examples.

  • Glass of wine after a stressful day – Take a salt bath, 15 mins of mindfulness, 15 mins yoga stretch,
  • Always reach for a beer on a sunny day – Swap those cold beers for cold non-alcoholic beers, swap the gin and tonic for ginger+lime+tonic (mind the kick) alcohol free Koppaberg pear cider.. yumyum!
  • Everyone meeting up friday night – go bowling.. less focus on the alcohol = less pressure.


4. Force your Hand –  Worried you won’t have the discipline to stay sober on a Friday night? Book the 7am Saturday spin class at your local gym. Drive to the pub?  Bet your mates £100 you WILL drink. Now it’s their job to keep your lips dry… or cough up.


5. Prepare – Know what you will order, know what you will say, know what you will tell people, know how you will behave when questioned, take proof of your challenge (OneYearNoBeer T-shirt?) If you don’t want to fail this challenge you need to prepare.


6. Spend Time with like-minded people – We’re not suggesting going out and finding a whole new bunch of friends (but if you do, you’ll find them in our forum and at our meetups). Get a friend to do the challenge with you, spend time with the people who are actively practicing the behaviour you want to embody.


7. Preach what you Practice –  There is nothing like the sound of your own voice to help you solidify your habit changes. Speak to others who are trying or want to do what you are doing, tell them everything above.. become the ambassador – there are always plenty of people to help in our forums.


8. Read About it – Don’t you love a good book?  Well on your particular habit change philosophy there is already plenty of bestsellers – get your hands on one, broaden your experience and understanding of your habit.


9. Celebrate the New You!  – Look back at section 1, recognise what your have brought to the conscious and changed. Congratulate yourself for every little change.  Every Friday you skip the pub, every order of juice you have, celebrate with a little internal BOOYA!  Especially the morning after – call your drunk friends, hear their pain, hi-five your ass.


Implement these and you’re certain to punch that bad habit in the face and walk away with your new good habit buddies for a kale juice. Join our challenge, you won’t regret it.

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