The lads are going for a drink. You decide to join them for a quick 1.

But it’s not 1, it’s 4.

You miss the train and tell a few lies to cover up the 1 that was really 4.

‘The train was cancelled, I had a meeting…’

Your partner knows deep down you’re lying. Its a little white lie, but it’s chipping away at their trust. You missed the kids going to bed; you also missed that fact that your daughter received a gold star for good work and was desperate to show you, she is a little bit disappointed. You are tired, lethargic and not yourself. You add little value to the evening; your partner is a little sad.

Alcohol makes you sleep

You fall asleep quickly, but the alcohol in your system destroys the quality of sleep. You peel yourself out of bed to the sound of the alarm. The thought of going to work is so unappealing. You are tired, if only you could sleep longer.

You remember the personal trainer is booked. You scramble for the phone, cancel and make up another white lie; you feel bad. The emotional cloud that is hanging around just got darker.

The kids are asleep as you leave for work. Your partner reminds you that you need to put out the trash, you snap back, your temper is frayed you’re anxious and feel rubbish. Your partner knows this and lets your comment slide, but deep down it chips away at their love.

You are craving high-fat, high carb food. You replace your usual porridge and berries with a bacon roll. You arrive at work to see the same faces you left a few short hours ago, looking similar to you.

You’re on the back-foot

The day starts, but you lack the motivation to try. If only you could slip behind the screen and aimlessly surf the net. Your head hurts. You’re so tired.

Why is everyone annoying? You can’t be bothered. Deals are missed, everyone is annoyed.

Regret kicks in, if only you would have skipped the beers.

You have no interest in today; you want it over.

You tell yourself, it’s not the end of the world you can be better tomorrow, tomorrow you will be back on top form.

You are starving. You dodge the salad and order a burger. You want to sleep. You surf the net, you miss more deals, you don’t care.

Let’s get through today.

You feel bad

You speak to your partner you remember your lost temper, you feel bad inside and vow to make it up. Your daughters face pop’s into your mind; you can’t wait to see her and give her a big hug. You feel a little disappointed that you missed her news, your emotional cloud gets darker.

You make a small come back and start to feel almost normal — then its time to leave.

The lads are heading to the pub — again.

You want to get home, but you’re still feeling a bit seedy. The train ride is so unappealing.

Your rubber arm is twisted — ‘Ok, go on then I’ll have a quick 1!’

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Now, imagine this scene playing on repeat, over and over. Like groundhog day only is never gets better.

Is it no wonder that your emotional and physical well-being is suffering? Your relationships slowly destroyed?

Lack of motivation is making work a misery and life becomes a slog all because of the 1 drink that’s really 4.

Now, let’s play a different scenario:

The lads are heading to the pub. You decide to join them for a quick 1!

You’re not drinking so you have an alcohol-free beer. You have a laugh, unwind and leave. The lads stay for another ‘1’ that’s really 4.

You make your train and arrive home on time.

Your partner is delighted to see you, and your daughter is even more excited because she got a gold star for good work. You feel deeply happy as you put the kids to bed.

You’re on top form

The conversation flows. You chill with your partner, watch a boxset and get a great nights sleep.

You wake before your alarm, throw on your gym kit ready to meet your trainer. You feel fresh, bright-eyed and emotionally lighter.

Before you leave you remember to put the trash out, your partner jokes — ‘Are you feeling unwell?’

You feel happy and loved.

You eat a healthy breakfast and then you’re on it. Deals are won, you’re on top form and you feel good.

You’re in the zone

The day flies.

There is no time for the surfing the net because you’re to busy being productive. You’re colleagues notice a difference. They are struggling and you’re flying. They regret their 1 that was really 4.

You remember your partner’s joke and your daughter news, you smile and feel emotionally brighter.

As you leave the office with a sense of pride for having smashed it all day, you notice the lads are heading to the pub — again.

You smile and say — ‘I’ll leave you to it” and head home to your lovely family.


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