Your alcohol-free journey is yours and you can approach it any way you like. However, there can be great benefits following in the footsteps of those who have gone before you. 

Forging your own path along your alcohol-free journey and making decisions for what best suits you and your life is important. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from what others before you have experienced, and follow similar steps to make this challenge more manageable for yourself. 

The OYNB challenge was designed to offer a tried and tested process to taking a break from alcohol, and it has proven itself countless times to be a successful method of changing individuals' relationships with alcohol. It was born out of the experiences of alcohol-free pioneers, breaking the mould and blazing the path for others to follow. And it doesn’t have to end after the 28, 90 or 365-days of an alcohol-free challenge – the OYNB journey is one that takes a holistic look at your lifestyle, and making the positive changes that help you to live life better. 

Let’s start with the alcohol-free challenge

For some, the OYNB challenge will be the first attempt at going alcohol-free for a significant period, others may have attempted or completed challenges such as Dry Jan, Sober October or have been alcohol-free for other periods of time such as during pregnancy. Either way, the alcohol-free challenge is the gateway into the OYNB world. 

In many cases, 90 or 365-days feels too out of reach, so you dip your toe in the water with the 28-day challenge. However, by the end of the 28 days, it is not unusual to be feeling the energising benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle that motivate the decision to upgrade to 90 or 365-days. It is in these longer stints away from drinking that real, life-changing habits are formed. 

We have often referred to the OYNB journey as a gym – and our challenges are akin to following your usual gym workout routine. You go along, maybe with a friend, maybe on your own, but either way, you tackle your gym sesh (in our case, the OYNB challenge) at your own pace, choosing which methods suits you best. For many, this is enough, but for others, the idea of joining a gym class and reaping the benefits of the experience and expertise of an instructor in the comfort of a group is more appealing. This is where Alcohol-Free Me comes in…!

So what is Alcohol-Free Me?

Alcohol-Free Me is a monthly subscription that offers you access to an additional tight-knit community space where the latest resources in behaviour change science are available at your fingertips. There are multiple Zoom calls per week for you to connect with your AFM circle and get expert tips and advice from the specialist AFM coaches. AFM also offers you the opportunity to discuss the best tools and techniques for achieving your alcohol-free challenge, accelerating your success. 

AFM was designed to sit hand in hand with the alcohol-free challenge, offering additional support and resources to those who wish to have all the available information at their disposal to reinforce long-lasting habit change. As a recurring monthly subscription, you have the option to participate in the group for as long as you wish, even once your original alcohol-free challenge has ended. 

Looking for something more bespoke?

Returning to the gym analogy again for a second, we consider the idea of a personal trainer. When looking to reach certain goals, we may seek the personalised support of a trainer to help design a unique and tailored approach that best suits our individual circumstances. This is exactly what our 121 coaching programme was designed for. 

You can work alongside one of our expert 121 coaches to decide on a roadmap for how to reach your own personal goals, whether these are specific to going alcohol-free, or other holistic life ambitions in a private, one-on-one setting. Your coach can help you to identify any limiting beliefs or behaviours that may be holding you back and assist you in implementing new habits to overcome these, giving you the confidence to seize any opportunities presented to you. 

Your coaching programme can run concurrently with your alcohol-free challenge, or you can work with your coach after you’ve successfully completed your challenge to set and tackle your next self-development plan. If you wish to find out more about coaching and how our specialist coaches could help you, you can book in for a free 20 minute discovery call anytime!

So, what’s next? 

Okay so you’ve reached the end of your alcohol-free challenge, or you have cemented your new habits into your daily routine and you’re left thinking… what’s next? This is a very common place to reach as you pass 90 days alcohol-free and beyond. This is why we developed our flagship MasterMind course. 

MasterMind is an intensive six-week course that condenses a tested framework to identify, plan and achieve your greatest goals. This moves beyond your relationship with alcohol and focuses on what you truly want to achieve from life. You will learn how to look within to identify your deepest desires and set realistic goals in order to accomplish them, becoming a master of your own mind. 

This six-week programme only runs a few times per year and has limited spots available, so don’t hesitate to secure your spot if you think MasterMind could propel you towards achieving your next big goal! The next course begins on January 4th 2021, and spaces are already filling up. 

Living life better

And that’s not all! Over the years at OYNB, we have come to realise how integrated and linked lifestyle changes are. Once you go alcohol-free, you spot other areas in your life you wish to address, learn about or develop. This has sparked a number of different virtual events, courses and masterclasses to compliment your OYNB experience. 

From deep dives into techniques and methods around habit change, to the impact of alcohol on processes such as menopause and meditation, plus exclusive partnerships with big names – we have sought to offer as much information as possible in our Live Life Better with… series. No matter where you are along your journey with us, you are always welcome to join us for these special events to gain insights from industry experts and the OYNB team. 

Come join us!

Whether you have already set off on your alcohol-free path, or are deciding on how best to approach this challenge, we hope to offer you the support and guidance you need to ace this journey. If you have any questions about any of the challenges, courses or programmes we offer, please feel free to send us a message at [email protected] and our wonderful team will answer these for you. 


Ready to start your alcohol-free journey?


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