Recently someone approached me who was very worn down by the drink.  Drinking every day, to numb out and overcome the feelings of hopelessness.  She felt trapped in her life.  She said she was “too overwhelmed to dream.”

She tried our challenge and although she managed the most number of days strung in a row since she started drinking 40odd years ago – she fell right back into her slump.

After a bit of digging around together, I asked her this question…

What do you want from life?

That question, almost made her toes curl.  She feels so battered by life's circumstances that even the thought of something for her, the slightest whiff of a goal, or a dream had her shutting down.

Change CANNOT take place without direction.

I started to poke around a little. “Forget all of your circumstances, forget all the limiting beliefs, ignore physics if you want, just go with it – If you could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone – what would it look like?”

After a while, the ice started to melt.  “I would paint, I'd find some friends in a quiet town on the French coast and we would paint.”

MAGIC.  Now we have the beginnings of a path.  Now we can start to lay the stones down TO that path.

Perhaps the first stone is just to get a paintbrush from Amazon.  Or call an old friend you haven't spoken to for 6 months – but still – the dream gives direction.

It was like a weight was lifted.  I received an email shortly after our call with probably a page or two of dreams.

Now she has light at the end of the tunnel.

“Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.”
Wim Winders

Don't worry if the dream isn't your life's big purpose, or the dream forever, or doesn't quite feel right.  When Christopher Columbus set out in 1492 – he had no idea he would find America – he dreamt of a shortcut to China.

When you flesh out your dreams, remember that having a dream and taking action is way more important than knowing that dream is the perfect one for you.

The snow is outside today – dream a little.


This was on my morning walk this morning

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