Looking for that elusive key to unlocking your full potential? We have the secret… 

Ever noticed how achieving lifelong dreams and ambitious goals seems to be a breeze for some people? It’s natural to assume they must know something we don’t, right? Or else, how do they so easily identify what they want from life, go after it without hesitation, and make it happen?  Surely there must be some big answer that unlocks our ability to reach our full potential?

Well, yes and no. While we’d love to claim authorship of some fabulous formula that unveils the mysteries of life and gives you magic powers to achieve your wildest dreams, sadly it doesn’t exist. But we do have the next best thing. 

Setting yourself up for success

In reality, it’s about putting yourself in the best possible position to identify the key things you want out of life, and giving yourself the best chance of success in achieving these goals. 

And that’s exactly what we designed our transformational MasterMind course to help you to do. 

Once you’ve nailed the alcohol-free challenge, your thinking is sharper, you understand yourself better, and a world of possibilities opens up—it’s the perfect stage to put all your new-found time and energy into going after what you REALLY want. 

A mindset shift

Think for a second about the benefits you’ve experienced being alcohol-free. Consider how your life has improved; how making such a simple change can have a domino effect on so many other areas of your life. 

Being alcohol-free is just one aspect of a six-part concept taught in our MasterMind course, called the ‘streams of positivity’ (just one of many inspirational lessons). If being alcohol-free can be so powerful and life-changing, imagine how transformative it would be to implement the other five streams? 

“This course has been a complete game changer, allowing me to move beyond going alcohol-free and consider my other goals and priorities in life.” -—Ursula

These aren’t insanely complex actions we’re discussing, either. We’re talking about the simple—but highly effective—things we all overlook when life gets busy.

Mastering your mind

This is the real secret to achieving your goals. The small, daily actions that add up to a healthy and happy person who has the time, energy and motivation to accomplish whatever they set out to. 

It sounds so simple and yet so many of us get this wrong. But if you have all the basics in place then you have a foundation on which to build everything else. No distractions, no excuses, just momentum. You can see how suddenly your big bold dreams can begin to look more realistic.

Previous MasterMind members have gone on to achieve some pretty incredible things after taking part in our course. Taking the leap to start a new business, writing books, getting cast in a Hollywood production… the list goes on. No goal is too big when you remove the barriers in your way and give yourself the best running jump into your new life.

Are you ready?

So if you’ve reached that point in your alcohol-free journey where you’re ready to take advantage of the habit-hacking machine you’ve become, then come and join us for our next MasterMind.

“I was looking for help with setting goals and making some important decisions. [MasterMind helped me to] identify what was really important to me and strip back to the basics. It has made me feel more confident in my decision-making and given me hope that I have more time than I thought to achieve my dreams!” —Sarah

The six-week course will guide you through your own self-discovery journey that empowers sustainable and lasting life change within a small, hyper-focused and driven accountability group. 

“MasterMind has provided a community of resilient people with skilled coaching, with tools to navigate self-exploration. It is a low pressure experience, yet creates an environment to set high expectations for myself, in a kind and empowering manner.” —Mary

Not sure of your goals yet? That’s ok—MasterMind will show you how to identify options, set your sights on a target, and tackle your aspiration with a framework you can use on repeat to make your dreams a reality. 

Meet your MasterMind Coach

In case you haven’t already been introduced to our resident MasterMind expert, Chris Laping, then let us get you acquainted! 

Chris has been coaching teams and individuals on change and transformation for nearly 30 years, while through his long and successful career in technology and business development he’s been recognised for his leadership by publications such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. 

A few years ago, he started his own OYNB alcohol-free journey, and discovered the incredible energy burst that removing alcohol as a barrier can provide. He also enrolled in our MasterMind course, which led to Chris finally writing the book he had been planning for so long—which turned out to be a bestseller. So Chris is no stranger to the OYNB experience, and has lived the MasterMind framework. Lucky for us, he brings all these skills to the MasterMind community. 

This is your time!

It’s time to get excited—MasterMind is only held a handful of times each year and there are limited spots available on each course. If you’re ready to find out what you’re really capable of, then come and join us!

The world is your oyster, as they say, and we’re here to guide you through the breakthroughs you need to maximise life’s opportunities. Then you can be one of those people making it look like a breeze to achieve the impossible.


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