Not sure how to spend your time this summer? Sun-splashed inspiration, coming right up.

Whether you’re venturing on holiday or not this year, there are so many exciting ways to spend your free time that don’t revolve around drinking. Prove to yourself, and anyone around you, that you can have just as good a time (if not better!) with a clear mind, alcohol-free. Not to mention, you can squeeze so much more into the day!

Be a tourist in your own city

So many of us live in truly incredible cities, with rich histories and endless sightseeing options. But somehow calling the place home means we never think to explore the tourist attractions. Even if you don’t live in a city, perhaps there’s a city nearby you could treat as a mini-break? 

It only takes a quick online search to be almost overwhelmed with information about places you can visit in your local area, and some won’t cost you a penny. For example, lots of cities offer programmes where locals act as guides to show visitors the sights for free (So if you already know a lot about your local area, consider signing up for the tour guide role!) 

Alternatively, plenty of museums and galleries run free exhibits, or you could set yourself a challenge to photograph as many landmarks as possible in your area (maybe even with a time limit, just to up the ante).

If you have a little more budget, options like bus tours, ghost tours, and walking tours can be great fun. Or perhaps book a restaurant known for that local delicacy you’ve been meaning to try, or research some small businesses that you can support by doing pottery painting or catching a show at a local comedy club.

Set yourself an outdoor challenge

Hopefully wherever you are in the world, you’re getting some nice sunny weather at the moment—and if so, let’s make the most of it! Get outdoors and challenge yourself to something fun. Have you got a number of local hills you can ‘collect’? Do you live by a lake where you can try out wild swimming, or water sports? Could you go on a pony trek? Or if you’d prefer something a little more chilled out, you could challenge yourself to find the perfect spot to relax with a summer picnic.

Of course it depends on where you live, and what’s within manageable travelling distance, but being outdoors in the fresh air is so good for the soul. And challenging yourself to something new is always a great way to stay energised.

Organise a day trip

Day trips (especially those only reachable by driving, or where you need to be sober to participate) can be a great option if you’re trying to avoid alcohol being the primary focus. A good day out can make it much easier to stick to an alcohol-free challenge without feeling like the odd one out. 

The scope is huge for what you can do—maybe visit a nearby town or city; possibly even one with a beach where you can bask in the sun, have a picnic or do some rock pooling. If your friends and family enjoy getting active, you could try indoor rock-climbing, outdoor zip wiring, or you could even hire some kayaks! And if you’re looking for some kid-friendly choices, you could visit a castle, check out a transport museum, or explore an animal park.

Making plans during the daytime allows you to avoid the pressures to drink that usually accompany evening plans, while also giving you the opportunity to try something different and make fun new memories.

Host a party—YOUR way

Plenty of people host alcohol-fuelled parties, but who says you can’t organise an alcohol-free one? Whether it’s an intimate soirée or a larger garden BBQ (restrictions allowing!), nothing says summertime like socialising in the sun, with good food and good times. 

You may feel it’s impossible without alcohol—and maybe you’re happy for your guests to drink if they like—but there are ways to keep the focus on something other than booze. You could ask your guests to bring an ice-breaker game, set up a projector to watch a movie or football game, or just make sure you have lots of tasty mocktails and interesting alcohol-free drinks options on hand.

No excuses to be bored!

As they say, only boring people get bored, and taking a break from alcohol doesn’t mean life has to get dull. Take the opportunity to get creative and come up with some exciting summer plans. If the ones listed above don’t tickle your fancy, then there are plenty more options out there. Share them with us on social media, and let us know in our communities how you’re spending your summer. 


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