When you stop drinking, you stop spoofing, which brightens your world

As drinking escalates so does the web of lies required to support it. They go hand in glove. Let’s not lie to ourselves – when drinking, we lie, a lot. On the flip side when we stop drinking we remove the web of lies and instantly our world becomes so much lighter and brighter.

This is uncomfortable to read for many because they know its true.  When we move away from our drink awareness and the wheels start to come off, we enter a darker world. As we stray past  ‘just the one’ the spoofing starts. The trouble with little white lies is that they have the habit of growing into whopping great big ones.

It's not just the lies you tell to others but the ridiculous lies you tell yourself.

The one after work that’s really four, needs a spoof to cover up. How many times have you uttered those words ‘I am leaving now’, only to arrive home 4 hours later, in a world of trouble.

What about the big sessions that require bigger lies. When you wake up and can’t face the world so work is not an option. You can’t function but you can’t tell the truth so out comes more spoof – “I am ill” “A family member is unwell” or even worse your partner calls the office for you to say how ill you are!

It’s hard to quantify, but try – try to sense the shadow these lies cast on your world. When your partner knows you’re drunk, even though you just ‘had one’. When the lads in the office all talk about your poor excuse for a no show. There is something dark about this feeling that hangs around for days after these lies. Not only are you full of hangover, self loathing and regret you have to contend with the uncomfortable feeling of having lied to friends, family and work colleagues, who all know you're spoofing because they have been there too.

Remember you can’t kid and kidder

So let’s not cover this up. The negative affects of alcohol far outreach the obvious hangover, they creep into all areas of your life.

On the flip side when you stop drinking you remove these little spoofs. It's hard to explain but there is something cleansing about not having to double check your words as they leave your mouth. Not having to carry your web of lies with you lifts a huge well-being weight and frees up your mental capacity to focus on more positive aspects of your life rather then fretting over a comment that could trip you up.

So if you want to clean up your act, why not take a break and discover for yourself a brighter world? No more lies only a better, healthier you.

Enjoy your alcohol free adventures,


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