Money and material items in the grand scheme of life are less important than having gratifying relationships, good health and being happy…

but it's a nice added bonus. A bonus that fortunately often comes along with being alcohol-free!

Most of those who take on an alcohol-free challenge do so for reasons beyond saving money, but many find that not only does it help them to stack up some pennies, it can also be the energising boost they need to improve their productivity at work, or build businesses of their own. 

This is what we mean when we say there are no limits on what you can achieve when you go alcohol-free. By removing one barrier in your life, you can put the time, effort and energy required into building a secure and happy future for you and your loved ones. 

If you want to see how much you could save during your 90-day alcohol-free challenge, check out our alcohol spending calculator here!

Ways going alcohol-free can benefit your wallet:

  • Reduced spending on alcohol
  • Reduced spending of peripheral costs like take out food or hangover remedies
  • Reduced spending on unnecessary items when drinking
  • Increased energy and productivity to inject into your career or business
  • Increased self-awareness and mental clarity allowing you to spot opportunities as they appear

Reducing costs

It seems obvious, but think about it. If you aren’t drinking alcohol, you are saving the money you would have spent on each alcohol fuelled occasion. Even if you are drinking within the recommended 14 units per week, these costs add up! And that isn’t to mention the peripheral costs associated with a night drinking, for example the take away food you crave to soak up the alcohol in your stomach, or the extra coffee or energy juices you need to get yourself through the hangover the next day. Plus the possibility of the skewed decision making that can occur when intoxicated, such as the late night purchase of the unnecessary lava lamp on Amazon that sets you back more than you’d care to admit. 

Enhancing your performance

Of course, we all expect there to be an increase in overall alertness and energy when we stop drinking. But have you fully considered what that could mean for your career and other life goals? Once you remove the haze of hungover mornings, there is a far higher chance that you will feel open to taking on more of the challenges and opportunities that come your way each day. Equally, you will have the mental clarity and awareness to be able to get projects over the line at a high standard. 

When you give your body the fuel it needs to perform at its highest – or in this case, removing one aspect that stops it from performing optimally, you offer yourself the chance to reach your full potential, and focus on the work or life goals that mean the most to you. 

The alcohol-free advantage

This isn’t a case of hyperbole, we have seen this countless times from OYNB members who have taken the alcohol-free challenge and saved a nice lump of cash to spend on something else that has more meaning to them, or have started up businesses and entrepreneurial pursuits of their own. 

“My family and now get to enjoy the beautiful retro van I was able to buy with the money saved from my next five alcohol-free years.”


“The biggest and most proud achievement since my alcohol-free challenge has been starting my new business. An alcohol-free beer brand, UNLTD. I wanted to help change people’s lives by empowering them to quit or reduce the booze and unlock their potential.”


“My business is booming and I feel that has a lot to do with my renewed vitality and confidence. If you work for yourself try going sober and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.”


“I have used the money I've saved from not drinking to save some ex-battery hens and give them a home. It’s a dream I've wanted to fulfil for several years but couldn't afford it – but now I can.”


“I now have the emotional energy to push myself out of my comfort zone and start up a new business!”


“Two months after starting OYNB I enrolled in a year-long course to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and am now in the process of setting up my own business.”


Living life better

We are not telling you to never let an alcohol drink pass your lips ever again, but it is easy to see there are some pretty impressive benefits to reprioritising alcohol in your life, and in your spending. The overall cost of drinking can be pretty significant, from financial costs to the toll it can take on your physical and mental ability to perform to your fullest potential.

So if you are intrigued by the possibilities created by an alcohol-free lifestyle, why not dip your toe in the water with our 5-day free challenge and see where you end up! 


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