Are you stuck in a rut with your diet? The quickest way to reinvigorate your passion for eating well is to tantalise those taste buds with some delicious, healthy new meal ideas!

We’ve discussed nutrition and healthy eating on this blog before, from the benefits of eating the seasons to what to eat when going alcohol-free, but sticking to a goal of eating nutritious meals can be easier said than done when busy lives get in the way. 

One of the easiest ways to re-engage with healthy eating is to introduce some exciting new recipes and experiment with new flavours. Food is to be enjoyed, and can be just as beneficial for the soul as for fuelling your body. Finding new healthy recipes you can introduce into your week allows you to cater for both (no pun intended), making eating nutritious foods something to get hyped about. 

Prioritising home cooking

You could argue that dining in a different restaurant each night would whet your appetite for good food and new experiences. But there are other factors in play that can mean these meals aren't as healthy as those you make yourself. For example, portion sizes, processed ingredients and cooking methods. Don't get us wrong, eating out is fun and social, and a great way to help local businesses through recent industry hardships. But if you're trying to focus on building a healthy diet, then put home cooking front and centre.

What do we mean by healthy foods?

Before we get to the recipes, it’s important to preface this with a quick definition of what we mean by healthy foods. In our eyes, there are no good or bad foods. All food is fuel, all food is good. However, of course, some are better enjoyed in moderation (like more processed or fast foods), and others should be taking up more of our plates (such as fruits and veggies). It’s about creating balance in your meals, but most of all, it’s about doing what works for you and your body. Diet isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal, so define what healthy eating means to you, and follow that.

Let’s get to the recipe ideas! 

Okay, now for the real meat and potatoes (or tofu and potatoes if that suits you better!): some recipe ideas to get you back in love with preparing and eating nutritious meals.

The main idea with any of these suggestions is that they’re easily adapted to suit your dietary requirements, or personal preferences. At the end of the day, it’s about getting you excited to about cooking and eating!

Spring rolls

One of the brilliant things about making your own spring rolls is that you can include whatever fillings you like. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can skip certain ingredients and add in more of your fave veggies. Equally, depending on what ingredients are available in your area, you can switch up what you use for the spring roll casing. Some supermarkets carry the more traditional rice papers, but if you’re finding them difficult to track down, try something like filo pastry instead. It’s light, easy to mould into shape and crisps up in a way that works well as a spring roll!

Bao buns

Bao buns may require a little more care and attention in comparison to the other suggestions here, but they are well worth the time and effort if you can put in the work. Making the bao bun dough itself is relatively easy, but you’ll need to factor in time for your dough to prove. Again, the world is your oyster with this meal idea—it’s a great opportunity to dip your toe into some new flavours if you haven’t explored much Asian cooking. However, you can go the less traditional route too, and fill your bao buns with whatever you fancy!

Soul bowls

By ‘soul bowl’, we’re talking about a few variations on a similar concept. Essentially, it’s the ideal way to build a balanced meal, as you simply add ingredients to create your own perfect combination. You could go with a burrito bowl made with rice (or cauliflower rice if you prefer!), beans, avocado, veggies and more, or maybe a sushi bowl with sushi rice, prawns, sesame seeds and ribboned veg. These easy-to-compile meals are full of the different food groups you want to include in a balanced plate—or bowl, in this case.

Low sugar brownies

If you haven’t already got the message here, eating healthily doesn’t mean not having tasty food. Which means you can also still enjoy desserts—and there are variations on brownies that allow you to sneak in some extra nutrients too! For example, use dates to naturally sweeten your mixture, or throw in some yoghurt  to make your brownies extra fudgy and gooey!

Let’s get cooking

Cooking and baking can be so much fun that many actually find it therapeutic! And exploring new flavours, recipes and meal ideas can be an engaging way to stay in touch with your diet. We’ve only scratched the surface with the meal ideas mentioned above—there are thousands of other kinds of foods you can start exploring. It’s a whole new world and we can’t wait to eat it!


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