I am just returning from a last minute weekend on the Isle of Mull, Scotland, I shot up for my dad's 75th birthday driving overnight to surprise him.

I arrived just as he was having breakfast and seeing the beam on his face when he clocked me was worth every ounce of tiredness and more, something I could never have done stuck in a corporate job.

Whenever I return to Mull I always contemplate my life's Journey.

 Contemplating my journeyContemplating 2017, Creating 2018 – Quinish Point, Isle of Mull

Three and a half years ago I was miserable. Sure I was in a fantastic job that paid me well, but from the moment I walked in the door to that career I felt like I contributed nothing to the world.

I truly believe that if you are ignoring your truth, you will look to alcohol and other addictive behaviours to numb the pain – I was.

It wasn't until I removed the vail of alcohol that I was reminded of my life purpose.

To change the world, to give back, to leave a legacy.

All of that had been forgotten.

The 14-year-old who wrote a letter to Richard Branson with stars in his eyes was hidden behind life's “stuff”

But when I removed alcohol and started again on the road of self-improvement, from fitness to diet and most importantly my mindset – I was rekindled with my purpose.

Four months ago I made the jump, I left my 11-year broking career to put both feet firmly into OYNB and making a real impact in the world.

What has this got to do with you not drinking?

Removing alcohol for an extended period of time, is the keystone habit you need to break to get the life you want.

Trust me on this, if you continue to tackle ONE thing this year – make it the booze. The rest will follow.

I tried for 11 years to leave my 11-year broking career, and it wasn't until I stopped drinking alcohol that I found the tools to build the foundation that ultimately led to me leaving.

Now I'm the laptop Entrepreneur.

Now every day someone tells me I changed their life.

Literally every day.

To me, just one of those comments is worth a lifetime doing what I used to.

This is why OYNB is about SO MUCH MORE than just “not drinking”

It's about coaching you into new healthy habits, it's about giving you the tools so you can build a solid foundation. One that lets you live the life that's inside of you.

If you are ready to start implementing new habits, to lift off the haze of hangovers, remove those alcohol-tinted glasses from your life and build a life that you truly love. Then come join us on one of our 28, 90 or 365 day challenges.

Have an amazing day, shout if I can help in any way and remember – you are just a decision away from change


James Bond Skyfall (or Ruari Glencoe . lol!)

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